Wearing Shoes Without Socks: The Downside

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Over the last few years, the "shoes without socks" trend seemed to crop up everywhere from high school hallways to the board room. If you tried to keep up with the crowd then you probably went through a short period of adjustment to find the right solution to the obvious problem...the sweaty, smelly bare foot situation this would create.

Should you wear shoes without socks? Just because you can doesn't mean you should. When you wear shoes without socks you are creating a moist place in your shoes for smelly bacteria to thrive. Not only will your feet be unhappy, but you can ruin a good pair of shoes as well.

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Getting the look without the downside You can combat the moisture issue by buying a pair of peds or no-show socks to wear without giving up the carefree look. Unfortunately these solutions can come with their own set of woes: rolling or bunching up, easily losing their shape, and being so small that they are a pain to deal with on laundry day.

Things are looking up The great news is: it's 2020 and we've come to our senses. Visible socks are no longer a faux pas and crew socks are even trending as a look on Instragram. White ankle socks with chunky sneakers, colorful socks with preppy heels, and (gasp) tall socks with sandals. Yes, that's right, the age-old fashion don't is having it's moment. So go ahead and embrace all of those wonderful socks you've been hanging on to. The new rule is, there are no rules. Just avoid those smelly shoes you still have from last summer.

And if you do have poor fitting, uncomfortable shoes remember, a shoe is only as good as it's insole. Visit the Insole Finder Tool to find your perfect fit.

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