Get Relief From Ankle, Knee, Hip, & Back Pain

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How Protalus insoles work

The unique Protalus design relieves discomfort through your whole body, not just your feet.

If you feel run-down and sore in your knees or back by the end of the day, you're not alone.

Many people don't realize that pain in your knees or back can really be caused by a slight alignment issue at your ankle. Protalus corrects the root cause of your pain to bring you lasting relief.

T-100 Elite
T-100 Elite
T-100 Elite
T-100 Elite
T-100 Elite
T-100 Elite
T-100 Elite
T-100 Elite
T-100 Elite
T-100 Elite
T-100 Elite
T-100 Elite

T-100 Elite

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Our best seller! The T-100 Elite has a universal fit for flat feet and high arches. Perfect for sneakers, athletic, and casual shoes.

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This size is currently on backorder. Expected ship date  November 18.
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Quick Facts

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Protalus works

Protalus puts your ankle in a natural position, properly distributing pressure & relieving ankle, knee, hip & back pain.

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Comfort that lasts

Protalus insoles require no break in and can last up to one full year.

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Pressure hurts

The average pressure put on a person's ankle joint is equal to 4-5 times their body weight.

It's a common & painful problem

Protalus insoles correct your alignment to bring you the results you need.

Foot & Ankle Pain

Knee & Hip Strain


Balance & Stability

Exercise Limitations

Foot and ankle pain
Foot & ankle pain

The misaligned ankle joint can cause pain and discomfort in the foot and ankle, which can be intensified by the additional load imposed by excess weight.

knee and hip pain pain
Knee & hip strain

The altered gait caused by misalignment can result in inconsistent force being transmitted up the body, leading to increased strain on the knees and hips. Excess weight compounds this strain, heightening the risk of osteoarthritis and other joint issues.

back problems
Back problems

The body's attempt to compensate for the misalignment at the ankle can lead to changes in posture and spinal alignment, potentially contributing to back pain, especially in the lower back.

balance and stability
Balance & stability

Both obesity and a misaligned ankle joint can compromise balance and stability. Their combination further challenges the body's ability to maintain equilibrium during movement.

exercise limitations
Exercise limitations

Individuals with misaligned ankle joints may face limitations in engaging in physical activities. When combined with obesity, these limitations can hinder efforts to manage weight and improve overall health.