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    Welcome to our helpful


    The Protalus Difference

    What is Protalus?

    Protalus was created as a solution to help you feel and perform better within your everyday life. Our team imagines, designs, and innovates with you in mind. We’ve established trust with others like you who experience foot, knee, hip, and back issues by focusing on the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms.

    This is going to feel different from other things you’ve tried. This isn’t a Band-Aid, but real relief. Whatever your journey, we’re here to help get you back on your feet.

    Learn more here on our Who We Are page.

    What are the health benefits of Protalus?

    Protalus insoles improve comfort, performance, and mobility through alignment. Pain or discomfort often occurs when structures of the body are subjected to forces they aren’t designed to withstand. When your body is properly aligned, the force of each step is more evenly distributed throughout the kinetic chain, reducing pressure, inflammation, and strain on your body.

    Can Protalus insoles help support high arches?

    Yes, our M-series is designed with greater curvature and a deep heel cup to conform to high arches and guide the ankle joint into proper position.

    Can Protalus insoles help with flat feet?

    Yes, Protalus insoles have been shown to benefit flat feet (overpronation), significantly more than other insole companies. 80% of the population suffers from some level of overpronation, and Protalus insoles correct this by aligning the ankle joint to a more neutral position. This helps maintain the integrity of your arches and alleviate pain.

    What other conditions/ailments can Protalus insoles help with?
    • Shin Splints: Combined with proper stretching, our insoles can reduce pain and heal shin splints by reducing excessive pronation and the impact with each step. Stretching guidelines can be found  here.
    • Arthritis: Depending on the type of arthritis, Protalus insoles can help. By improving the alignment of your joints, our insoles can reduce inflammation and help maintain joint health.
    • Calf/Achilles Tightness: Protalus insoles reduce overpronation, which can cause tightness in the calf and Achilles tendon.
    • Hammer Toes: Our insoles can help this condition by stabilizing the foot and ankle, reducing friction and sliding of the foot.
    • Heel Spurs: This condition is exacerbated by tension along the plantar fascia, which can be alleviated with Protalus insoles.
    • Diabetes: Protalus insoles reduce peak pressures the foot is exposed to and help minimize shear forces, which are both known to cause ulcers. Our insoles can help keep your feet comfortable and protected.
    • Low Back Pain: Learn More
    • Plantar Fasciitis: Learn More
    • Morton’s Neuroma: Learn More

    Product Selection

    Which series is right for me?

    When choosing a model, make sure to consider not only the needs of your feet, but the limitations of your footwear. The larger, more supportive models are fantastic for people who need maximum relief, but they may not fit in a shallow shoe (such as Vans, or Toms).

    • M-Series: Provides our highest level of support and alignment featuring our patented Tri-Planar Technology. With greater curvature and a deeper heel cup, this series is recommended for people with average or high arches who need more support. The M-series works best with wider, high volume shoes such as work boots, basketball shoes, and thicker running shoes.
    • T-Series: Thinner than the M-series, the T-series offers support and comfort in a lower-profile design. If you have flat feet and have never worn insoles before, we recommend starting here. This series offers relief in footwear that is too shallow for the M-series, while still implementing our Tri-Planar Technology.
    • ET-Series: This ultra-thin insole is designed to fit in narrower shoes without space for our full-size models, such as some dress shoes or flats. This slim-profile shape redistributes pressure around the foot, so you can feel as good as you look.
    • H-Series: Our H-75 adds support to every step, so you can wear fashionable footwear with comfort and confidence. This model is designed to conform to heels 2½ inches and above, however many customers have had success using this series in shorter heels as well.
    What is the difference between the M-100 and M-75, and the T-100 and T-75?

    The numbers refer to the length of the insoles. The M-100 and T-100 are full length insoles that extend to the end of your foot. The M-75 and T-75 are ¾ length insoles which stop at the ball of the foot but are otherwise identical to their full-length models.

    Do I need full-length or ¾ length insoles?

    Insole length is largely determined by the shoe you will be using your insole with. If the shoe has a removable insole, we recommend that you remove it, and replace it with a full-length model (such as the M-100 or T-100). If your insoles are not removable, the ¾ length models can be placed directly on top of the existing insole.

    What type of shoes do Protalus insoles work with?

    Protalus insoles work with a wide variety of footwear ranging from work boots to dress shoes. Our Insole Finder Tool can help you find which model is right for your shoes.

    If my shoe is between sizes, should I purchase an insole smaller or larger than my shoe size?

    We recommend ordering an insole a half size larger and trimming the insole accordingly (see question below for trimming instructions).

    Insole Use And Care

    Can Protalus insoles be transferred from shoe to shoe?

    Yes, Protalus insoles are transferable between same-sized shoes. We understand how hard it can be to walk through life with pain. If you wear Protalus insoles every day, consider investing in multiple pairs to save time and ensure you never forget to wear your insoles.

    What can I do if my Protalus insoles make a squeaking sound?

    New pairs of Protalus insoles will occasionally squeak while walking. This squeaking sound often goes away without treatment after the break-in period, however it can also be eliminated by applying a small amount of paraffin wax or baby powder to the bottom of the insole.

    Can I trim my Protalus insoles?

    Our insoles are designed true to size, and for most customers, trimming will not be necessary. In some cases, the toe of the insole may bunch up against the edge of the shoe and trimming the insole may help. We recommend tracing an outline of the stock insoles on the underside of the Protalus insole and cutting accordingly. Be sure to line up the heel and big toe of both insoles and err on the larger side, as you can always cut away more. When they are cut correctly, they will lay completely flat in your shoes without folding or lifting.

    How long will my Protalus insoles last?

    Although our insoles are made of the highest quality materials, over time, constant wear and heat will eventually compress them. Once compressed, you will no longer feel the original comfort or control in alignment. For optimal success we recommend replacing Protalus insoles every 4 to 6 months. When performing higher impact activities, they may need to be replaced more frequently.

    Customer Service

    Will my health insurance cover the cost of Protalus insoles?

    Protalus insoles are not covered by insurance at this time.

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    We currently accept electronic forms of payment including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Amazon and PayPal. Our website also accepts some forms of FSA and HSA cards, but is dependent on the card and insurance company.

    What is the Protalus 90-Day Comfort Guarantee?

    We offer a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee on all products ordered through Protalus.com. If you would like to return your Protalus insoles, please contact customer service for a return shipping label. If you prefer to ship them yourself please send them to ‘1750 Blankenship Rd, Suite 125, West Linn, Oregon 97068’ with your order number or packing invoice. If you choose not to use our prepaid return label, we do not refund return shipping cost. After we have received your insoles, we will refund the original form of payment including any original shipping cost.

    How long does it take to process a return?

    Returns are processed within 7-14 business days from the time we receive your Protalus insoles. After we have received your insoles, we will refund the original form of payment.

    Do you offer international shipping?

    We do not currently offer international shipping.

    When can I expect my Protalus insoles to arrive in the mail?

    Protalus strives to process orders as quickly as possible. Once you place your order, it will be shipped out the following business day. Any delay in the shipping process will be posted to our website. Typically, flat rate shipping is 3-5 business days, expedited shipping is 2-3 business days, and express shipping is 1-2 business days. All orders come with tracking numbers and are shipped via USPS from Portland, Oregon.