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Experience Life with Tri-Planar Support: Our Patented Alignment Technology

The Protalus difference is in our patented Tri-planar technology which supports the foot and ankle complex, and improves alignment with each step. Our advanced alignment technology not only evenly distributes body weight across joints, but shifts weight off the body’s weaker structures which may carry extra strain due to misalignment. This allows the skeleton to carry a higher percentage of body weight, delays fatigue, and reduces stress on muscles and soft tissue.

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The story starts with you. Protalus insoles exist to transform your life through alignment starting at your feet and ending with the comfort and support to take on any challenge. Click the images below to read more!

Alignment Meets Cushioning

Patented Technology

Our Tri-Planar Alignment System improves the function of the body by guiding the body into proper position. This allows forces to be transmitted through the structures of the body that are designed to handle these forces.

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Protalus is Different

We focus on alignment to provide the highest level of support and comfort

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Clinically Recognized

Dr. Kirk McCullough

"Comfort is a natural byproduct of alignment, not simply cushion. Protalus allows for natural accommodation of the various joints for impact attenuation, functional control and support of the entire foot, and ultimate comfort as perceived by the end user."
-Kirk McCullough, M.D.

Dr. Nick Romansky

"Heel pain can be caused by a number of conditions including neuritis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, heel spurs, and so on. Protalus insoles are the only insoles on the market that I have found to completely address the entire spectrum of factors that contribute to heel pain."
-Dr. Nick Romansky, D.P.M.

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Protalus Insoles vs competitors

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