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    body alignment diagram

    Get back to your best with improved alignment

    Many common aches and pains of the lower body are a result of misalignment or overpronation. Correcting the alignment of your foot and ankle with supportive footwear may provide relief.


    Misalignment and overpronation have been linked to a variety of common lower body conditions and ailments.

    Don’t just take our word for it, click below to read key findings from published scientific journals.

    skeleton diagram

    Traditional "Fixes" For
    Misalignment and Overpronation:

    body alignment


    A Simple Flat Gel Or Cushioned Insole

    May Provide Temporary Comfort, But Offers No Benefits Of Alignment

    Flat gel or cushioned insoles may feel comfortable at first but lack the rigidity and contour to affect alignment of the foot and ankle. If you can flatten the arch of an insole with your finger, it won’t provide support to your body weight.

    body alignment


    Over-The-Counter Arch Supports

    Reduce Pressure, But Provide Minimal Alignment Benefits

    Arch supports work by increasing the contact area on the bottom of your feet, and offloading the forefoot and heel. This may help take pressure off painful areas, but overall foot and ankle support is generally limited.

    body alignment


    Corrective Custom Orthotic

    Typically Provide Alignment And Corrective Benefits, But For Most Are A Prohibitively Expensive Solution

    Custom orthotics are unique solutions specifically designed for your feet. Depending on your needs, your podiatrist will prescribe an orthotic with the appropriate degree of correction. However, corrective orthotics usually come with a hefty price tag and are typically made from firm plastics or carbon fiber, which lack the comfort necessary for sensitive feet.

    Experience Life with Tri-Planar Support: Our Patented Alignment Technology

    The Protalus difference is in our patented Tri-Planar technology which supports the foot and ankle complex, and improves alignment with each step. Our advanced alignment technology not only evenly distributes bodyweight across joints but shifts weight off the body’s weaker structures which may carry extra strain due to misalignment. This allows the skeleton to carry a higher percentage of body weight, delays fatigue and reduces stress on muscles and soft tissue.

    How It Works:

    Patented Alignment System

    Our Tri-Planar Alignment System improves the function of the body by guiding the body into proper position. This allows forces to be transmitted through the structures of the body that are designed to handle these forces.

    Alignment, comfort, stability

    Try A Pair Today; Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Your solution to alignment, comfort, and stability at a fraction of the price of custom orthotics.

    We make a patented Protalus insole for almost every type of shoe. Pick the one that best fits your lifestyle below:

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