Insoles for the modern hunter.

Insoles for the
modern hunter.


Stable Footing

Minimize slips and falls during your hunt. Move confidently across diverse terrains with steadfast support.


Endurance Boost

Get sustained comfort during extended hunting trips. Experience the thrill of the chase without distraction.


Stealth Advantage

Quiet your steps, and enhance your hunting experience with silent movements, gaining an edge while in pursuit.

T-100 Elite

Rated 4.5 out of 5
Based on 960 reviews

Our best seller! The T-100 Elite has a universal fit for flat feet and high arches. Perfect for sneakers, athletic, and casual shoes.

1 pair +
This size is currently on backorder. Expected ship date  November 18.
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Shipping & Returns

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Stability in Terrains

Crafted from ultra-rugged materials, our insoles minimize the risk of slips and falls, allowing you to navigate varied terrains during your hunt.


Reduced Fatigue

Our advanced footwear reduces strain on your muscles and joints, offering comfort and endurance during extended hunting trips, so you can stay focused on the chase.

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Silent Footfall

Move stealthily through the woods with Protalus. Our insoles support your feet and provide extra cushion, enabling you to maintain a stealthy approach in pursuit of your prey.


Injury Prevention

Hunt confidently, knowing that your feet are supported and your body is protected from the strains of a hunt. Protalus reduces injuries to your ankles, knees, and back.

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Elite Engineering & Technology


Improve Alignment up to 65%


Increase Shock Absorption by 20%


Reduce Peak Pressure by 8%


90 day money-back guarantee

Comes with our no b.s guarantee. If you don't love them, we will replace or refund them up to 90 days. No questions asked.