Arch Support Inserts

Proper arch support can help decrease foot pain, provide stability and balance, distribute pressure across your feet, and maintain foot health.

Why is arch support important?

When our arches are not properly supported, they can begin to collapse, causing a feet to appear flat. When feet have fallen arches, they can feel painful and the alignment of the body can be affected overall causing knee, hip, and back pain. Proper arch support can work to prevent arches from collapsing or combat the symptoms of already collapsed arches.

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What causes arch pain?

When a person's foot does not have the structure to properly support the rest of their body, the person may experience pain not just in their foot, but in other areas such as their knees and back. It can also cause balance issues. Your foot is the foundation of your kinetic chain, supporting the rest of your body and setting the path for how your bones are aligned. If the foot is not resting on the floor properly, the change is foot position can affect the rest of the body.

For Arch Support We Recommend:

M-Series insoles offer the greatest degree of arch support and are ideal for daily wear in regular volume shoes such as athletic trainers, work boots, and walking shoes. The M-Series incorporates Protalus's patented alignment technology to provide the structure and comfort you need.

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How can our insoles help with arch support?

Orthotic arch supports have been shown 1 to decrease pain experienced in the body as a result of poor arch health. The inserts that come in shoes are not typically able to provide this degree of support and so after-factory shoe inserts with specific alignment technology are usually needed to experience a change.

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How does this affect balance?

It has also been shown that the addition of arch support insoles as well as heel-cup technology also provides an increase in the wearer's ability to balance and decreases the risk of fall and injury. 2

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Can too much arch support hurt your feet?

Shoe insoles change the alignment of your ankles and how the weight of your body is carried. If the insoles you choose are too thick, or the supports are too high, it may cause discomfort.

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Who needs arch support insoles?

Everyone needs arch support. If your shoes do not provide adequate arch support, it will need to be added with insoles. Some will need more specialized insoles such as insoles for dress shoes. If you suffer from flat feet, overpronation, or misalignment, you may find that you need arch support insoles in all of your footwear to find comfort.

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