Control Diagram

Support VS Control

More than arch support.

Protalus Insoles target the root problem to bring you the lasting comfort you need.


Total Body Solution

It all comes down to the temporary fix vs fixing the root problem

Other Insoles

Requires proper measurement, only gives localized benefits
Others Solution
The hindfoot (heel and ankle) has no added control, leaving the system misaligned.

The Protalus Difference

Controls not just the position of the ankle, but also benefits the foot, knees, hips & spine.
Protalus Solution
Foot Rock
Patented Heel Cup
This misalignment in the ankle forces the body to distribute weight in a poor way… causing strain on joints and muscles, especially your ankle. Leading to:
An aligned hindfoot leads to an aligned body, the ideal state for your body to work efficiently and without aches and pains. Leading to:
Patented Heel Cup
  • Ongoing muscle soreness
  • Pain in the feet and other joints
  • Overuse injuries
Patented Heel Cup
  • Pain relief in weight bearing joints
  • Increase in stamina
  • A solid foundation for future mobility

A Properly Aligned Body Leads to Long-Term Benefits!

A Restored Foot Leads to a Restored Body!

A true one-size-fits-all solution

If your feet and ankles need a lot of correction, Protalus insoles will give you a lot. If they need only a little correction, Protalus insoles will give you a little. Protalus insoles place your foot in the correct position no matter your starting point; a true one- size-fits-all solution.

Running Away

The science & effectiveness of Protalus insoles is verified by third parties…we take our research seriously because you take your health seriously.

Protalus insoles have demonstrated:
Improved Alignment
By Up To
Increased Shock Absorption In The Heel
Reduced Peak Pressure