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Guardrails for your feet - Alignment for your body - Money in your wallet

Protalus fixes misalignment issues that cost businesses billions of dollars a year.

You wouldn't let your employees work with a fever and you shouldn't let them work with musculoskeletal issues when there is a solution to the problem.

Protalus insoles and employees

The Problem: Fatigue

A recent article in the International Journal of Health Sciences and Research stated, "Wearing the right footwear increases comfort and performance and, most importantly, prevents injuries...An ergonomically designed shoe, will keep the feet properly aligned and be fully functional and pain-free. It will help to minimize pressure on the heel and avoid shocks on the entire body, helping to alleviate long-term foot, back and knee pain."

Misalignment puts stress and pressure on structures not meant for carrying this load.

Pronation illustration

Over time, these structures fatigue and this leads to injury.

Fatigue injury illustration

Protalus insoles correct misalignment, preventing fatigue and injury.

Protalus insoles alignment

Proper alignment at the ankle is beneficial for the rest of the body, creating a cascading postive effect.

Kinetic chain alignment

A Logical Solution

Everyone can use Protalus insoles without special custom adjustments. Unlike other insole companies, we do not approach alignment through the midfoot, but instead approach alignment by controlling the hindfoot. Our approach of hindfoot control can bring you closer to neutral alignment, 62% more on average, but does no harm for those who do not need this dramatic of a correction.

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Delivery Method


Employees use our simple system to place their orders with the site manager.


Site managers request the employee insoles with a few simple clicks.


When insoles for the company start to run low, a designated company representative can request more insoles from Protalus.

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