What is Protalus?

Guardrails for your feet - Alignment for your body - Money in your wallet

Protalus is a wearable product that addresses fatigue in your employees, tackles your organization's musculoskeltal injury issues, and shows a conservative ROI of 1000% according to the Washington State Ergonomics Cost Benefit Calculator.

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Why Protalus
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1. Proper alignment is the key to addressing ergonomic issues from inside the body out.

2. Protalus insoles solve for misalignment.

3. Protalus insoles are independently tested and proven to work.

Protalus insoles have a conservative ROI of 1000% according to the independantly created Washington State Ergonomics Cost Benefit Calculator

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Many companies invest in devices to provide proper ergonomics by controlling the environment.

Ergonomic Products

Protalus provides proper ergonomics by correcting the root of the issue - the misalignment of the body.

Misalignment puts stress and pressure on structures not meant for carrying this load.

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Over time, these structures fatigue and this leads to injury.

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Protalus insoles correct misalignment, preventing fatigue and injury.

Protalus insoles alignment
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Meet the Team

Chris Buck Henrik Norremark

Henrik Norremark: Founder, CEO

When Henrik and Chris began Protalus, he brought with him 20 years of operational and financial experience in the wind/energy industry as the former CFO of Vestas in Denmark. Not unlike his experience with wind turbines, he has found working with another innovative product exciting and rewarding. Henrik loves to see the positive effect that Protalus insoles have on individual people as well as entire companies. He is currently working with several corporations to help them bring Protalus to their staff so that they can experience the difference Protalus insoles make while walking and standing, while the business gets to save money on the huge yearly cost of musculoskeletal injuries. Helping people feel good and stay healthy is what compelled him to start Protalus and is the foundation of what motivates his daily work.

Christopher Buck: Founder, Inventor, COO

Born and raised in the greater Portland area, Chris comes from a footwear design family. His father designed for some of the better known brands in the area including Nike and Adidas so problem solving through innovative design is in his blood. When Chris's son began to struggle with pain in his feet and he could not find an affordable orthotic that was comfortable enough to wear while playing sports, Chris set to work. Instead of approaching the issue from a medical context, he looked at the mechanical problem from within the foot and realized there was a clear solution that no one had tried before. Protalus was born and now his patented insole designs help people all over the country feel their best.

Henrik Norremark Chris Buck


1. How do Protalus insoles work as an ergonomic tool?

The ergonomic products in which most companies currently invest attempt to correct the environment around the misaligned body to prevent the misaligned body from reaching a point of fatigue and eventually failing. Protalus insoles correct the misaligned body (the source of the issue), making it stronger and more stable no matter the environment in which it is placed.

alignment analogy

2. Can the benefits of Protalus insoles be achieved through using other products/insoles?

No, Protalus's corrective alignment technology is patented and only available through Protalus. We are the only insole on the market proven to correct misalignment by keeping the ankle in a neutral position. You can download the independent report on the efficacy of Protalus insoles here.

3. Are Protalus insoles PPE?

Yes, because Protalus insoles correct misalignment in the body, the source of the issue, employees using Protalus insoles are slower to fatigue and less likely to be injured. Protalus insoles help the employee come to the job with a more stable, more resilient body. Unlike other PPE that works externally to protect the misaligned body from it's own shortcomings, we correct the misalignment itself.

4. Why is correcting alignment at the foot so impactful?

Employees who have poor posture; back, knee, and hip pain; or engage in improper body mechanics all have something in common: misalignment of their musculoskeletal system. Whether they end up in that situation through their own habits of movement or through their biologial make-up, Protalus insoles are designed to correct their misalignment through the kinetic chain from the feet up. If you lean your weight to one side, you can see how this changes the position of your knees, hips, back, and so on. Along these lines, Protalus corrects a person's musculoskeletal misalignment throughout the body, not just where an issue has become painful.

5. Can Protalus insoles cause issues for people who don't need correction?

Most people need some degree of alignment correction but the beauty of Protalus insoles is that they don't make unnecessary corrections. Our insoles keep your ankle in a neutral position whether it takes a large correction to get there or no correction to get there. If you already hold your ankle in a neutral position, they will do no harm.

6. Do Protalus insoles require a break-in period?

Because Protalus insoles are placing the ankle in a neutral position instead of manipulating the support under the foot, most people can just put the insoles into their shoes and begin to feel the benefits without a break-in period. In some cases of more dramatic correction, it can take a day or two to get used to the new way the body is bearing pressure but this period should not be prolonged or sustained.