The anti-fatigue mat that travels with you.

The anti-fatigue mat that travels with you.

An All-In-One Solution

Reduce Fatigue Without The Hazard

Protalus provides the shock absorption and impact reduction of an anti-fatigue mat without the added risk of trip and fall injuries.

A Dynamic Alignment Device

Other insert options on the market provide only static (standing still) body alignment correction. Protalus provides alignment that works throughout the entire gait movement.

Exceptional Personalized Support

Protalus promotes the body's optimal alignment, tailoring correction to each individual's specific needs. Experience as much or as little correction as necessary to restore your body's natural performance potential.

Corporate Pricing Available

How Protalus Helps

We understand the importance of prioritizing employee wellness and productivity in high-demand work environments. Our insoles are designed to revolutionize workplace comfort, reduce injuries, and optimize productivity among your employees.

Reduce Workplace
Injury & Fatigue

By stabilizing foot movement, our insoles prevent injuries by up to 20% by preventing slips, trips, & falls.


Studies show that proper body alignment and comfort results in up to a 2% increase in employee productivity.

Increase Safety
Boot Adoption

By minimizing discomfort and optimizing support, safety boot adoption increases up to 20%.

What our clients say

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“I work in a warehouse and am often standing for most of my 12hr shift. I've had flexible arches all my life (35 y.o.) and I thought nothing could help my leg/back fatigue and foot pain. I can proudly say that within the first week of wearing my new Protalus insoles not only am I making it through my long days with a major reduction in my discomfort, I am able to spend my evenings and days off doing the things I love, not just recovering from my work. I highly recommend Protalus!”

- Joanna B.

“I am 6’3” and 300lbs. I suffer from chronic foot pain from working 10 hour shifts on concrete floors. I’ve tried the other brands and found ZERO relief. Today I wore my shoes with the M-100 inserts for the first time and I made it home with literally zero foot pain. I’m very heavy and I tend to lean out on my left foot a lot which puts enormous pressure on it. I can’t physically do that with these inserts in and my feet feel absolutely incredible. If these hold up I will buy them for every single pair of shoes I own. 100% recommend these for anyone who suffers from foot pain."

- Anthony L.

“I was working 8 hours on my feet and my back feet and hips were killing me at the end of the day. I wear Red Wing boots and I needed more support because I'm a heavier guy and these insoles didn't disappoint.”

- Michael W.

“6’3 245lbs and stand all day on concrete. They have helped immensely with my back and knee pain.”

- Mark G.

“After having knee, hip, and lower back pain I looked into new insoles for my work boots. After having them in for just 5 minutes I knew that they were going to be a life saver. These will be the only brand I ever buy again. Super happy!!”

- Jodi C.

“I’m on my second pair in my Kennetrek boots that I work in every day. I recommended to a co-worker that walks like I do in various terrain in construction. He ordered some and said WOW!! They are awesome!!! We walk about 5 to 8 miles per day”

- Alan W.

“I am a Corrections Officer who has to be on his feet eight hours a day constantly walking and going up and down stairs. My knees and back feel great after a shift now with Protalus insoles in place. Thank You Protalus.”

- Tyrone P.

Easy Online Ordering


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Flexible Delivery Options


What type of shoes do Protalus insoles work in?

Protalus insoles work with a wide variety of footwear ranging from work boots to dress shoes. Our  Insole Finder Tool can help you find which model is right for your shoes.

How long will my Protalus insoles last?

Although our insoles are made of the highest quality materials, over time, constant wear and heat will eventually compress them. Once compressed, you will no longer feel the original comfort or control in alignment. The Protalus ELITE line of insoles lasts up to 1 year. Other models should be replaced every 4-6 months. When performing higher impact activities, they may need to be replaced more frequently.

What are the health benefits of Protalus?

Protalus insoles improve comfort, performance, and mobility through alignment. Discomfort often occurs when structures of the body are subjected to forces they aren't designed to withstand. When your body is properly aligned, the force of each step is more evenly distributed throughout the kinetic chain, reducing pressure, inflammation, and strain on your body.

What is the 90 day money-back guarantee?

We offer a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee on all products ordered through, excluding Subscription orders. If you would like to return your Protalus insoles, please contact our  Customer Service Team for a return shipping label. Return shipping costs are only paid by Protalus for sales that occurred in the United States. If you prefer to ship them yourself please send them to '20750 SW 115th Ave Suite 190, Tualatin, OR 97062' with your order number or packing invoice. If you choose not to use our prepaid return label, we do not refund return shipping cost. After we have received your insoles, we will refund the original form of payment excluding any original shipping cost.

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