What is Protalus?

Guardrails for your feet - Alignment for your body - Money in your wallet

Protalus is a wearable product that addresses fatigue in your employees, tackles your organization's musculoskeltal injury issues, and shows a conservative ROI of 1000% according to the Washington State Ergonomics Cost Benefit Calculator.

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Protalus fixes misalignment issues that cost businesses billions of dollars each year.

You wouldn't let your employees work with a fever and you shouldn't let them work with musculoskeletal issues when there is a solution to the problem.

Protalus insoles and employees

How Protalus Insoles Mitigate Fatigue and Injury

A recent article in the International Journal of Health Sciences and Research stated, "Wearing the right footwear increases comfort and performance and, most importantly, prevents injuries...An ergonomically designed shoe, will keep the feet properly aligned and be fully functional and pain-free. It will help to minimize pressure on the heel and avoid shocks on the entire body, helping to alleviate long-term foot, back and knee pain."

Misalignment puts stress and pressure on structures not meant for carrying this load.

Pronation illustration

Over time, these structures fatigue and this leads to injury.

Fatigue injury illustration

Protalus insoles correct misalignment, preventing fatigue and injury.

Protalus insoles alignment


Everyone can use Protalus insoles without special custom adjustments. Unlike other insole companies, we do not approach alignment through the midfoot, but instead approach alignment by controlling the hindfoot. Our approach of hindfoot control can bring you closer to neutral alignment, 65% more on average, but does no harm for those who do not need this dramatic of a correction.

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You decide if you want your employees to use Protalus insoles. Our app can handle the details.

The Protalus Portal Makes It Simple


Eliminates the task of gathering shoe sizes for each employee


Cuts out the distribution company and you get the savings


Allows employees to use existing emails as their login


Helps you focus on your employees instead of logistics

The Protalus Portal
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Protalus is American Innovation

The Protalus Portal Chris Buck, creator of Protalus insoles, with his son, Christian

Beyond Convention

Protalus is not the product of conventional thinking but rather the result of out-of-the-box problem solving. When the founder of Protalus, Chris, struggled to find an orthotic that would address the root cause of his son's foot problems while still being cost effective, he set about solving the issue himself. All of the orthotics and insoles that were on┬áthe market were born of the same thinking, rooted in the medical training brought forward by doctors. Chris broke out of that routine way of thinking and approached the problem from an engineering perspective. He wanted to address the mechanical problems in the ankle and foot, not just ease symptoms. Like so many great American inventions, Protalus started in a garage, was tested and worn by family memebers, and then refined into the groudbreaking technology it is today. Protalus's patented technology has been independently assessed by BioMechania and is praised by doctors around the country. We are proud to embody the American Dream and bring you not just an insole, but a new approach to your health.