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    Why Protalus?

    We exist to help us all move and feel our best

    Why Protalus?

    We exist to help us all move and feel our best

    why protalus

    Finding a solution to pain and discomfort isn't always easy. Our insoles were inspired by a father's love for his son, which evolved into a passion for helping others find relief. This passion and commitment to excellence are the cornerstones of Protalus and are passed on to each of our customers with every insole. With Protalus you can live every moment to the fullest.

    scientifically proven to improve alignment of the foot and ankle

    Protalus insoles bridge the gap between custom orthotics and over-the-counter cushioned inserts. By blending the corrective properties of a custom solution with our patented cushioning system, Protalus helps.

    When we feel good, we are more confident.

    Together let's boldly step into the future of feeling our best and being our best.

    talus bone

    It All Starts With The Talus Bone

    The weight of our body rests on our feet. The position of the talus bone, AKA ankle, is vital to the steps we take each day.

    Proper alignment of the ankle increases the comfort of your steps, allowing you to thrive daily in the activities you love.

    proper alignment
    person walking

    Most insoles rely only cushioning and arch support. Protalus insoles take it a step further by helping align the body for a stronger, more flexible, comfortable, and confident step.

    tri-planar technology

    Patented Technology


    Our Best
    Foot Forward

    Gathering a unique team of experts from around the world to create a product that supports and empowers us to feel and be our best, Protalus's patented Tri-planar technology helps increase the efficiency of our bodies and the steps we take. Our unique design allows for more support, less stress, and pain caused by misalignment. In fact, Protalus insoles have been scientifically proven to improve alignment of the ankle by 31% more when compared to generic stock insoles.

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