The Benefits Of Insoles For Work Boots

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Standing and walking on hard surfaces for long periods of time can lead to injuries, discomfort, and fatigue. That’s why a lot of people turn to safety shoes and work boots to provide comfort and support. A pair of work boots is the only thing that stands between workers’ feet and hard surfaces, so workers are not only relying on their boots for protection and safety, but for physical support as well. However, work boots on their own can only do so much.

Plagues of Wearing Work Boots Without After-market Insoles

Standing on hard surfaces and working in standard work shoes for long periods of time can lead to injuries and discomfort in the long run. Studies show that standing for long periods can result in lower back and leg pain, fatigue, and cardiovascular problems. The factory insoles that come in the majority of safety shoes and work boots are not rated for alignment correction, comfort, or impact reduction. They are often a thin layer of fabric or memory foam that offers little support or quickly compresses after long hours of standing. Many people who work on their feet all day experience sore feet, legs, and backs after their shifts and believe there is no way to avoid these discomforts. But insole support that promotes proper skeletal alignment and impact absorption has been shown to make a difference. This can be achieved in nearly any work shoe with the addition of an after-market insole.

Do Insoles Improve Performance in Work Boots?

Add insoles to your work boots to give your feet the support they need.  Studies show that insoles have a positive effect on stamina and balance, both of which are important when standing for long periods of time. Insoles increase comfort, improves joint mobility, and ensures stabilization and alignment. Another  study that was conducted on soldiers demonstrates that wearing after-market insoles reduces injuries. Insoles have also been shown to reduce the incidence rate of muscle pain, leg swelling,  plantar fasciitis and flat feet.

What Insoles Work Best for Work Boots?

When faced with choosing what insoles to buy, some people may be tempted to buy cushion insoles. Cushion insoles may provide temporary comfort, but they aren’t firm enough to maintain their shape and support your feet in the long run.  Protalus insoles address the root cause of many foot problems, provide long-term comfort, and align the kinetic chain. They were evaluated by an independent party to ensure the wearer experiences alignment correction to help redistribute pressure and prevent injury. Protalus insoles will support you at work every step of the way so that you can leave your shift and still enjoy the life you work so hard for. 

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