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    "I recommend this to anybody that has any problems on their knees, back and feet, it really really works."

    I’m on my feet most of the day on concrete floors because I work two jobs. And I was really having a problem, I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning because my feet hurt so bad. Then I just broke down and said let me try the insoles. On the site, they offered buy one and get the other half off. So I got the two different pair. They were on back order, but I finally got them. On the information on the insert, it said to try a couple hours each day. I put them in my shoes in day one and I haven’t taken them out since. I have plantar fasciitis in both feet, and arthritis on both knees.

    To be honest, because of the Protalus insert, I am not having any problem with my feet other than the morning because I have to take my shoes off. Once I put my shoes on, I’m fine for the entire day. It works. You have no idea how happy I am. I told my husband, I wish I could wear them to bed, because I have such immediate relief, in my socks or something. It has given me 100% relief. And this is from day 1. I was really really happy with them. I see they have a thinner pair for different shoes, one day I may be able to afford to buy the thinner pair because I want to wear them for sandals. The two pair I have are for sneakers and for shoes. The thinner they get the better.

    I went to the Podiatrist yesterday, and he said they will make custom insoles which I have to pay $400 for, and I showed him these, and he said they are better than over the counter. I can attest to that, it’s better than over the counters, and these are better. I’ve tried the stretching exercises the doctor told me to do. But when I got the Protalus insoles and put them in my shoe from day one, it was like I was dreaming about the pain. The only time I have the pain is when I’m going to bed and have to take them off, and in the morning for a few minutes. But I put the shoes on and I’m good to go for the entire day.

    I saw it first in an Ad in FB, I have been having trouble before with my feet, and they are a bit expensive for me. I’ve done the over the counter insoles, I’ve been back and forth to the doctor, I’ve tried the Dr. Scholl’s where they measure your feet in the drug store, I’ve tried those. I got them in late June or early July. I’ve been wearing them since, I had them in my shoes when on a cruise. I don’t wear shoes without them. It’s made a difference in my knees, I have arthritis on both knees, and problems with my back.

    They are unbelievable. Currently, I’m a matron on a school bus, that works on my knees and I’m on my feet. At night, I work for six hours a night and I’m on concrete. And that was the biggest problem I had being on the concrete floor and on my feet, but I don’t have that problem anymore. It would get so bad that if I sat down I wouldn’t be able to get back up again. I’m based in New York. I recommend this to anybody that has any problem on their knees, back, and feet, it really really works.

    Cynthia Alexander