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"...I sat down and said this is too good to be true. so I shared my review."

I was a certified and licensed trainer athletic trainer in the State of Pennsylvania. if someone wanted to go to the podiatrist and pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars, for a foot cast and a valuation and so on. That was their prerogative. But this is the alternative that worked for me. It’s very reasonable for what I got. It was only $80, very reasonable for what I got. Dr. Scholl-esque off the rack, size ten, slip them in and hope for the best, there was some arch support and cushion, with this over the counter product. But nothing like the prescription arch support his product provides. Through arch taping, modifying arches and shoes over the years and prescribing over the counter arch supports, this is the only real solution financially that works. You don’t find this every day, and this works for me.

They are in my running shoes which I use for walking, I haven’t been able to run in years because of the pain, I’m going to France and I will use them also in my leisure shoes, I don’t know if they will fit in the shoe, but they have an arch support that’s a half support that fit in casual shoes. I will try to see what happens. When I first tried Protalus, I went out for a 4 mile power walk and came back home and told my wife I don’t have any pain whatsoever, usually the inside of my left knee hurt, the remedial collateral ligament which holds your knee together, I came home and didn’t experience any pain, I didn’t have to ice my knee, usually when I took my running shoes off I’d have to limp, and especially in the morning and I came down the stairs of my house I had to take one step at a time.

That’s all gone after I exercise, It sounds like there’s divine intervention that happened to me, but really it’s because of the proper balancing of my foot with the shoe and proper alignment of the body parts. I’ve used it for 2 weeks. I was going to hold off and see if I could go running, but I sat down and said this is too good to be true. So I shared my review. Somebody should get out and start promoting this, for people that don’t believe in buying through the internet. This product should get out in the university level and especially the national athletic trainers association. They should exhibit in the National Conference in Seattle. The eastern conference is in Boston. I just got the professional magazine for the NATA, there are 100 different exhibitors and display and talk to professional athletic trainers for this product.

When I play golf I like to walk and push or carry my bag, after a round of golf I could hardly walk, but now I can walk. My feet and my knee doesn’t hurt. I can’t run anymore, it’s prohibitive. I did a lot of hiking, hiking with just regular shoes it’s prohibitive, now it’s basically gone. I want to get back into running, and see if I can get back to doing that. It’s given me a little bit of a boost in my exercise program. I recommend it to the physically active population, people that have severe foot problems, I don’t know if these things would work for them, but the active community of cardiovascular exercise people, impact sports, a lot running. That’s the population I would recommend these too. If I was still practicing sports running and a distance runner would have these problems, I would tell them don’t go to the over the counter things and lets look at spending $80 and get a pair of these. I don’t need these to ride a bike, but any impact I’m going to do, these are the shoes that I use.

Paul Scheuch

-Licensed Athletic Trainer

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