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"The pain is almost gone in my right knee."

I live in St. Paul, Minnesota. I work for 3M as their head global talent acquisition. I’ve had problems with my right leg for a long time. I had an accident 20 years back and have been hurting ever since. It was a road accident on a bike, my lower Tibia was broken and something went wrong with my knee. I’ve tried other insoles, some of them have helped and others haven’t.

I tried Protalus, and it’s helped significantly, the pain is almost gone in my right knee. About 2.5 months back, I walked significantly, and my pain was hurting a lot. That’s what made me try Protalus. I’ve always been scouting for something and saw it on Amazon. What made me interested was the description on how it will correct the way you walk, not just cushion on the bottom but also the correctional part of it, that made me go for it, that’s very true, about correcting the way you walk, I can feel it now, the product got into the root cause of the problem and solved it more than just cushioning up and making you feel good. I’ve been using it for 3 months. I’m on my first insole.

I used Dr. Scholls and other similar products I picked up from the pharmacy and retail store. Dr. Scholls give the comfort and cushion up, but the differentiator is that Protalus is a correct fit, as a result, you feel more confident about walking around. I also bought another Protalus and gave it to my wife who also has a problem with her left knee. I would not venture walking for long distance in the past because I knew it would hurt, now my physical activities have increased, and I don’t hesitate, now my subconscious lets me walk around anywhere. I’m much more mobile, I don’t hesitate to walk around now, earlier subconsciously I would try to avoid walking around.

To begin with, it was uncomfortable because I felt it was trying to hold my feet in a particular way, probably I was not positioning my feet earlier so that was causing pain, after some time you get used to it and then my pain started disappearing. I recommend Protalus for people with problems with their heel or their knee.

Anthony Sasikar

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