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"I could tell a difference, immediately, it was like your feet feel lighter. I was sold after the first day."

My name is Sharon Mortensen. I’m retired, so I have a lot of free time. We live a little bit north of Tampa, Florida. Most of my kids are all grown.

I saw an advertisement on one of the websites I was looking at and I was very interested. I had gained a lot of weight with a thyroid condition, unfortunately, and caused my arches to fall. Once you don’t have that arch support you get a lot of pain in your foot when you’re walking. I had tried several generic arch supports and they were very helpful but they never quite did the job.

So when I read the ad and it was describing how many people just need a certain kind of support and once your support is balanced out your pain just goes away. That got me very excited because we like to do a lot of walking, it’s beautiful weather here in Florida. We’re out and about during the weekends quite a bit and walking is a big part of our daily living. So I decided to get the inserts.

I could hardly wait for them to get here, because foot pain, any kind of pain as you’re walking is horrible. In life, you want to do the things you want to do. When the Protalus insoles arrived I immediately put in my favorite pair of shoes, I walk out the door, and I could tell a difference immediately, it was like your feet feel lighter. I don’t know a better descriptive word for it.

They arrived just in time because we were fixing to take a day trip to visit a giant flea market in Orlando, which involves a lot of walking. It was hot so I really put them through the test, we were there all day and I never experienced a single twinge of pain, plus the added comfort is that when it’s hot you don’t notice sweaty feet as much. I love these inserts for the hot summers and the amount of walking that we do. I was sold after the first day.

I had already tried two different insoles: Dr. Scholl’s and Buster Brown Shoes. One almost cost the same as Protalus, and Dr. Scholl’s is less expensive, but it doesn’t hold up as well and it doesn’t provide the same support as the Protalus. I was happy with it when I bought it but after I tried Protalus, I would never go back. It’s like you have a whole new pair of feet. I’m going to use Protalus from now on.

I do have the original pair of Protalus insoles. I guess it has reached the end of its shelf life, it’s taken quite a bit of punishment but it’s still working. I’ve been using the insoles for about 5 and a half months now.

With my arches collapsed I generally have to wear footwear all the time. In order to be comfortable. I’m wearing the Protalus every time I get out of bed. I go directly into those shoes and wear them all day long and don’t change out of them. Prior to getting Protalus, I just did not want to get up and walk around.

I didn’t feel like I could stand the pain of standing up to do ordinary household tasks, I had cut down on my weekend visits to be out and about because I couldn’t walk that far. Now then I’m able to go about my daily task without any pain, if we decide on a spur of the moment that we want to spend all day to have some fun, we can, and I don’t have to quit halfway through and say oh my feet that’s how far we can go. It has amazingly improved the quality of my life.

I recommend Protalus for anybody that’s having foot pain, heel pain, difficulty in being on their feet very long. These insoles really work, it’s the best money I ever spent for arch support. And there is a money back guarantee on them. You’re not losing anything just to try it.

Sharon Mortensen

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