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    "I now have them in pretty much all my athletic shoes and have recommended them to over a dozen people. And they work!"

    I’m Jerry Prendergast, I’m a restaurant consultant based in Los Angeles, California. I’m an avid cyclist, tennis player, and used to do in my younger days, triathlon. I still do long distance biking and some long distance swimming. I’m 63 years old, I’m six foot two, I’m not exactly a little guy, so the stress on my achilles tendons are too much to run anything but a couple miles anymore. I just started playing the national 60 and older USTA tennis competition.

    I had chronic Plantar Fasciitis and tried numerous different treatments and was about to spend $500 on a new set of orthotics when a friend said try these Protalus insoles and see if they work. I now have them in pretty much all my athletic shoes and have recommended them to over a dozen people. And they work!

    My plantar fasciitis was basically heavy foot pain. It didn’t really cause any other issues, but it had gotten to a point I couldn’t run nor play tennis. Basically, I couldn’t do anything but swim and bike. I had gone to numerous different medical support, chiropractic, foot doctor, foot massage specialist, even a bodyworker who had worked for the US Olympic team, but when I got these, two weeks later I was out on a tennis court.

    I chose Protalus because these were available quickly online and I could quickly place the order. Second, they were about a tenth of the price of what my doctor wanted to create custom insoles. The custom insoles I was going to get one pair and would have to move them from shoe to shoe, in my first order of Protalus it was three insoles.

    Right now I’m into my second year of using them. I’m about to order three more by the end of this week. They are in every pair of shoes. They are in my running shoes, in my bicycling shoes, I actually just put two into my cowboy boots. It took a little bit of trimming because of the shape of my cowboy boot, but I put them in for arch support and heel support.

    Protalus says it lasts for a year to a year and a half. So I take the new ones and put in my athletic shoes and put the older ones in my regular shoes, so they last another year in my regular shoes. And then I get new ones and they go down the line. Considering I do a lot of athletic activity with my cycling shoes, tennis shoes, and running shoes, they wear out to the point I don’t want to use them in my athletic shoes after a year, but then they go into my regular shoes for another year, then they are gone, I throw them away and get new insoles.

    I had gotten to a point I couldn’t spend more than 20 minutes in the tennis court, yesterday I played for 90 minutes and would have played for another half hour except for the fact the Dodger game was starting. I just wanted to say that Protalus has been a lifesaver for me. After years of having foot pain and trying everything, imaginable somebody recommended them to me and the first time I put them in my feet felt so much better and after two weeks I was back to playing tennis for at least an hour and sometimes two hours.

    One of the best products I’ve ever had. I have zero complaints about them. I’ve recommended them to everybody I’ve done any sports with. I’ve tried every imaginable insole since I was twenty years old. For the money these are the best, even not for the money, these are the best. I’ve spent $500 for insoles, and I’ve spent $10 for insoles. For $75 these are the best. I don’t even think about them.

    Jerry Prendergast

    -Restaurant Consultant