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    Shannon Owens Samples

    "I felt immediate relief and within 2 weeks of wearing them daily, I was PAIN FREE!"

    In 20 years I have gone from plantar fasciitis foot pain only when standing hours at a time to being forced to wear tennis shoes only and foot pain literally all day every day. Then my podiatrist found an extra bone in my ankles that were causing my tibial tendon damage. Surgery to remove the bone and repair to the tendon...almost a year and half later I still had foot pain all day, every day. This severely affected my quality of life. I had to plan any recreation around how often I could sit down and rest my feet, purchase new expensive tennis shoes every 60 days and pain pills on top of it all. I've tried every insole on the market including two different pairs of very expensive custom orthotics, stretches, icing, night splints, Kinesio taping and steroid shots.

      NOTHING even came close to minimizing my pain...until I tried Protalus! I'm not a "reviewer". Actually, this is my first time to EVER post a review about a product, but let me tell you these insoles changed my life! I felt immediate relief and within 2 weeks of wearing them daily, I was PAIN FREE! So naturally, you can imagine after about 60 days when my foot pain returned I was disappointed. Well, guess what??? The customer service at Protalus is even better...I contact them with my concerns and they immediately, without hesitation, shipped me a new pair free of charge. They told me these insoles should last about 6 months and my pair may be defective. I can't wait to get my new pair and I don't even care if they only last the same amount of time. With top notch customer service and insoles that truly improve my quality of life, I will purchase a new pair every 60 days if that's what my feet need! $480 a year is a very small price to be pain free after 20 years of foot misery! Thank you Protalus!”

    Shannon Owens Samples