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    Todd Gardner

    "I feel like a new person and 10 years younger."

    35 years of motocross, rodeo, being an Ironworker, and coaching baseball has left me a little banged up... Last year in August I could barely walk... my knees hurt from the abuse and after 6 knee surgeries, I started compensating for the stiffness and that caused more back problems... My feet got Plantar something or other and complicated things worse...

    I bought my first pair of these inserts and in 90 days I was walking pain-free... sleeping better at night and being more active during the days... I feel like a new person and 10 years younger ... I can tell you they work... don't waste money on anything else before you try these...

    I'm just a regular guy, not a spokesman... and I'll never again have a pair of shoes without these things in them!

    Todd Gardner