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Rhonda Hart

"I couldn't believe I had waited so long to find Protalus but was so glad I finally had the relief I'd been looking for. "

ordered my first pair of insoles in Dec.2017. For over 20 years I've had pain in my back & both legs due to a near-fatal car accident and several surgeries. The pain has mostly been treated the conventional way with medication but after so long it just doesn't work as well anymore. I was seeing ads for other insoles on T.V. & was talking to my oldest son about it who lives in Arizona. He checked out the reviews & told me to keep looking online but at different companies. Every few weeks I would look for something that might help!

Then that one Dec. morning I found Protalus; they even gave a 90 day money back guarantee! I thought I have nothing to lose! I was looking forward to trying them because when I ordered them the ordering process asked a lot of specific questions to make sure you ordered the right fit.

The day they came, I put them in my shoes & after wearing them all day I came home for the first time without my legs burning!! Also, my back even felt better. I couldn't believe I had waited so long to find Protalus but was so glad I finally had the relief I'd been looking for.

After several weeks I started getting a blister on the top of my right foot. I figured I ordered the wrong style but I didn't want to go without them while I waited for the new one to come in the mail. So I just put up with it. I finally decided to call & ask about the different styles. A very nice gentleman on the other end of the phone said he'd put the thinner style in the mail right away for me to try & if it helped as well as the one I'd been wearing then we could just do an even exchange!

Wow!! what incredible customer service. I will continue to use this product and tell everyone I know how good it is!

Rhonda Hart


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