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James Egan

"These insoles literally gave me my life back, I can't say enough good things."

This is the first review for any product that I have ever written. About 8 months ago I developed Planters Fasciitis in my left heel although at the time I didn't have a clue what that was. The heel pain became worse as time went on to the point of being debilitating. It felt like hot daggers were being shoved into my heel, I became afraid to walk because standing after sitting was the worst. I developed knee pain as well because I wasn't walking properly. I finally mentioned it to a friend and he told me what it was because he had suffered from it as well. He suggested heel inserts because they had helped him. I tried the ones he had suggested and they helped for a brief period. By helped I don't mean took away the pain, just lessened it. After about a week I was back to the same pain and my knee was getting worse. I went online and began to research different products. After reviewing several familiar brands I stumbled across the Protalus website. The reviews were so fantastic I almost thought they were fake, "to good to be true". I was skeptical but decided I had nothing to lose right? When they showed up I noticed they were a bit different than other inserts, better quality materials. Still skeptical, I put them in my shoes. This is absolutely no lie, within hours my feet felt better and it just a couple of days my pain was gone! The stability came back in my ankles and my posture felt corrected. Today as I write this review I am ordering another pair. These insoles literally gave me my life back, I can't say enough good things. Worth every penny of the higher price!!

James Egan

-General Manager

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