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Rebecca Lucas Gregg

"I have faith these inserts are the answer to my prayers."

I started using the inserts in late August, and already have noticed a difference. I had been using custom-made inserts but realized they were not completely working the way they should. These inserts fit so much more shoes than the others did, to which I am grateful. It has taken me a little while to get used to the new ones, but I've had balance issues, so I'm sure someone without those issues will get used to more quickly. My problem is I have flat feet, which has caused me to walk with a gait that makes my knees sore and has also caused me to have several injuries. These inserts have already helped pump up my calf muscles - something I've never had before! I have a long road ahead to get stronger and have better balance, but I have faith these inserts are the answer to my prayers.

Rebecca Lucas Gregg

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