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Kelly Kathrineberg

"I am eternally grateful to have found this product."

I had gotten quite overweight. (Over 300 pounds) My hips and knees were hurting, and it had become a vicious cycle, where it was hard to keep moving because of the pain. But the pain was worse because, without movement, it was much harder to lose any weight. When I took a job in a healthcare facility, more movement became NECESSARY. I bought new shoes, and discovered these insoles on my Facebook feed and decided to give them a try. The more I walked on them, the easier it got. I got moving around in my job and got stronger, lost a little weight, got my diet under control, and lost some more. Little by little, change by change before I knew it, I had set a goal to run a 5K within a year.   8 months later, I had run 5 of them! I am over 80 pounds lighter than I was when the changes began. It's been hard work, but it also works that I didn't feel like I could do with the pain in my knees, hips and often also in my back. It's been hard work, and the insoles won't do it for you, but knees and back in proper alignment knocked out a few of the discouraging factors for me. I am eternally grateful to have found this product. I've recently ordered spares for my work shoes, and insoles for two pair of running shoes. The customer service is amazing. Take advantage of this trial and give these a shot. I'm willing to bet you won't return them.

Kelly Kathrineberg

-IS PC Technician

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