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"They were so comfortable I forgot I had them on."

I’m a nurse, I work between 10 and 14 hours a day. Sometimes longer, sometimes less. But I’m on my feet all day usually. Over the years my feet have hurt and ached and were totally tired at the end of the day. I’ve tried the Dr. Scholl’s and the inserts of other things and the shoes and nothing helped. Until I came across the M100’s. At first, I balked at the $80 price tag cause I’m used to paying $15-14 dollars for a pair of insoles. I bought them through Amazon because at least with Amazon you can return them back no questions asked no problems.

The first day I wore them for two hours and that was ok. The second day I meant to wear them the three hours but I got busy and wore them all day long. Next 4-5 days I wore them for 12-13 hours a day. Deep down in my head, I kept thinking about the $80 price tag on these and said I can’t justify these. So I contacted Protalus and asked if I could send them back, and they said of course. So I sent them back. Within 2 days of going back to my old shoes, my feet hurt so bad it was crazy. And then it dawned on me, I didn’t even think about my feet for those 5 days I wore those M100’s. It was crazy, the pain was gone.

I didn’t have any tired legs, they were so comfortable, that I forgot that I had them on, other than the price tag at the back of my head. They were working and working so good that I didn’t think they were working until I stopped wearing them. So I emailed Protalus and explained Oops I need to get those back, I’m willing to buy another pair but if they could send back the other pair that would be good also. I apologized for costing the company extra money for me just not thinking. I got an email back after a few hours saying she totally understood and was going to contact the return department.

Kent Huffman


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