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Shelby Riddle

"What an amazing change. Within a month my feet were less painful."

 I developed plantar fasciitis and bunions a few years ago. They flared up after I started a DVD exercise program. I'd been a jogger for over 40 years, and needed to stop that. Walking more than a quarter mile was painful to the ball and heals of my feet, to the point of tears in my eyes. My podiatrist told me to get inserts, and I tried the plastic kind that went under my shoe's insert that he prescribed, as well as some major brands. Nothing helped, and after a year I felt relegated to being an "old person". Then I saw the ad for Protalus and got three pairs to start. What an amazing change. Within a month my feet were less painful. Over a year later, I'm back in a work-out class doing lunges, which I thought could never happen again. Everything I own has Protalus inserts, including sandals and slippers. I can hike many many miles, and bike many more. I don't run anymore however, to be on the safe side. I know I'm just one person (n=1), but I stock up on these inserts when they go on sale, as I consider them amazing.

Shelby Riddle

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