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Ray Massini

"AWESOME product and equally matched customer service."

AWESOME product and equally matched customer service. I am an avid runner and all around very active person. I have had problems with my feet, lower back and finally plantar fasciitis, so I sought out help, and I ended up going to Good F**t in town a couple of years ago and spent over $700 on inserts. They appeared to help, but after a couple of months, it was too uncomfortable to wear them any longer, so I was back to the drawing board. I googled plantar fasciitis to read up about it, and through the brilliance of algorithms, Facebook introduced me to Protalus. I thought what the hell I'll give them a try. I have been wearing the Portalus inserts for almost a year now and thankfully can't remember the pain I used to be in. My plantar fasciitis was corrected within a couple of weeks, my lower back pain and tight calf muscles have also been corrected. BIG shout out to all of the employees I've been in contact with...especially Chris, the owner of the company, who took me in, sat me down, fitted me with the best insert for my specific needs. Chris takes great pride in his company as well as the service he gives his clients. Thank you, Chris! I'm a customer for life and recommend your product to friends and clients regularly!!!

Ray Massini

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