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    Melinda Jean

    "Showed them to my podiatrist today, and he said they looked like good insoles."

    I bought a pair of the Model T insoles...I really like them. They did not cure my plantar fasciitis, but the do give my feet a supportive place while I heal. I especially like the deep heel cup which wasn't stressed in the description. I even showed them to my podiatrist today, and he said they looked like good insoles. He like the deep heel-cup too. I did originally hesitate in ordering them because they are expensive. What got me was the 90 day love them or money back guara ntee. Anyway, I wanted to see about another pair. When I bought the insoles, Protalus was running a buy one get a 2nd at 50% off. I was in downtown Portland at my podiatrist's office. Protalus is not that far in West Linn, OR. So I called them and I spoke to Andrew and he said "sure, come on by" (not his exact words) So I went to their very nice, new offices. I met Andrew and his brother...the office had the energy of a tech startup (that's a good thing) And yes, I would recommend these insoles to a friend. Just a little about me (if anyone is still reading) I have been a distance runner since 1979....I've run 12 marathons, 9 in NYC, 2 in LA and 1 in Long Beach, CA. My best time is 3hr 27minutes....My best time isn't necessary but, it's fun. Mainly telling you all that so you know I have some experience with insoles. Okay, I'm done.

    Melinda Jean