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December 20, 2017

All I can say is I was extremely skeptical but I was out of options. I have been dealing with chronic plantar fasciitis for 12 years. 12 years!!! I have tried everything....exercises, losing weight, shockwave treatment, custom inserts from my foot doctor, high powered massager foot braces to sleep with, steroid shots and the list goes on. NOTHING got rid of this pain. NOTHING!!! At best the inserts kept the status quo. Being on my feet all the time being a retail manager didn't help either. I even considered invasive surgery as a last resort. Then I saw the ad for Protalus on FB. After reading about it I said why not. Since day 1, day 1, I have not had foot pain!!! Did I say since day 1? I can sleep at night without the braces and I walk during the day without my pain! I wake pain! I get home from pain!!! This product is unreal!!!! I will always always recommend Protalus because it has made my life much better after 12 very long years and lots of $ not fixing the problem. THANK YOU!!!!

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