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March 01, 2017

I ordered these a few weeks ago, but they were on back order. Monday 8/15/16 I received them and immediately took my shoes off at work and put them in. I have plantar very to the point that it is affecting my bone structure. My orthopedic said that plantar usually doesn't show up on an MRI, but mine is so bad it did. At one point he put me in a boot which through off my gait and made my knee on the other leg hurt. Anyway, Monday was an especially painful day for some reason, so I was glad to get them. The heal pain was very bad that day. I put them in around noon hoping for relief. By the end of the day, I could tell I was going to like them. Now it's been four days. I can tell at the end of the day how better my feet feel. I can walk around the house at night with little pain. These are a must have! A little pricey but worth it

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