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"These inserts really gave me that extra cushioning that I needed. It really took away that pain and allowed me to have even wear on my shoes."

I’m currently living in Oceanside, California. I’m a middle school teacher. I was in the navy for 26 years and did a lot of active stuff but always was extremely flat footed. Consequently, I pronate and I wear out shoes quickly. About a year and a half ago I found Protalus. It’s just amazing how well those inserts work for my feet. The idea of having to buy shoes every three months because I’m wearing out one side is no longer something I have to deal with because the inserts work so well.

The first time I saw it was on Facebook. And I said, let’s give this a shot and I clicked on it. And then a friend of mine had told me he had used these inserts, so I said let’s give this a try. From the very first time I purchased a pair, I was really impressed at A) how fast it got to me, and 😎 how well they really worked. Most of the pain I was feeling was in my heel. I had heel spurs. Because of the way I ran, I tended to pronate.

These inserts really gave me that extra cushioning that I needed, it really took away that pain and allowed me to have even wear on my shoes. I had actually gone to a doctor and they made some inserts for me, they worked ok but the price was amazingly expensive, Protalus came right in at that price point that made sense to me, and more importantly made sense and worked. It was was a great economical buy for me and one that worked really well. I’ve been using it for the better part of a year and a half.

I use them for my workout exercise shoes and my everyday shoes, so I’m pretty much in them pretty much all the time. They usually last anywhere from 4-6 months. Then it’s time to get a new pair, particularly my exercise shoes, my everyday shoes I can usually get a little bit longer wear out of them because I don’t use them as much. They are in my shoes all the time. Overall I’ve been really pleased with Protalus, and anytime you order a pair of inserts, they get there within 3-4 days. The product is there, it’s good to go.

You appreciate that because sometimes I wait until the last minute to order. It’s really easy to order, click, pay and you’re good. It’s great customer service. It’s nice to see a product that works as well as it’s advertised. The biggest benefit from wearing Protalus is that the shoe wear is no longer a problem, I have longer life in my shoes, the comfort is a lot better, no pain in the heel area, and overall even my knee is better. My feet used to splay out a little bit, the insole helps keep your foot anchored in place.

I recommended it to pretty much anyone that’s on their feet a lot particularly to people with pronation, it really does work. Right now I’m at school 80% of the time working with my students, so I’m walking about the classroom and to different areas on campus, so it really has been a benefit, if you’re on your feet a lot, like a nurse, or even in the military. I think back to my days in the Navy, I wish I would have had this product then because it would have saved a lot of problems on my feet that I’m having in later life. Anyone that’s on your feet a lot, you should take a look at this product.

Elliott Powell


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