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February 27, 2017

Having served in the United States Army as an Infantrymen and being deployed two times to Iraq the consequences of patrolling day and night and carrying loads of gear caused massive damage over time and my body was a mess. Before the Army I was marathon runner, compiling 100 marathons since the age of 13-teen-years old. After getting wounded in combat earning a Purple Heart life changed dramatically. Because of the injuries sustained my ability to run came to a halt. When I did start running again my legs just didn’t respond the same way and I had many ankle, back and knee issues. After a lot of running injuries I decided that I wanted something that help reduce the pain, and that is when I came across Arch Mobility. After wearing the inserts for the proper amount of time prescribed I started to feel and produce outstanding results. No other insert I had tried worked like this. My chronic pain issues along with alignment issues started to decrease and in doing so I was able to run again. I dropped 60 pounds and started competing in Ironmans. Who would have thought an insert could change your life, but it has. The inserts are comfortable, affordable and dependable. As a Veteran I approve this product 110 percent.

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