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Christina Blake


After years of suffering from heels spurs and plantar fasciitis and buying every type of insole I could find with no relief, I just happened to run across this facebook page and thank goodness I did. I ordered a pair and let me just say wow. I took them out of the box and thought they did not look like much, how was this going to help me? I work 80 hours some weeks and sometimes walk 27,000 steps a day. The pain I had before in my feet, knees, and legs would keep me awake at night. Well, I put them to the test, and I am SOOO happy to say they worked wonders for me. I will not say I am completely pain-free, I still have a bit of trouble when I first wake up but wow at the difference it has made. I used to be limping before my day was over and not anymore> I feel like I am walking taller also if that makes any sense. The first two days I wore them my body kept popping ankles, knees, hips and back all popped while I was working. I have been telling anyone who asks me where to go! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! THUMBS UP!! FIVE STARS FROM ME!!

Christina Blake

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