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    Cheryl Bolt

    "The first day I used them I could tell that they were different... the pain that I had suffered with for a year was gone."

    It is time for me to share a review on a product that I can’t recommend enough. If you are on your feet a lot and suffer from heel, hip, or back pain, then I hope you take the time to read this.

    When I started substitute teaching, I developed heel pain that put a halt to my high impact workouts and made standing on my feet as a teacher extremely difficult. I’ve had plantar fasciitis before and this pain was different. It felt like my heels were bruised all the time and it was especially challenging to put weight on them first thing in the morning.

    I went to a podiatrist and he checked for heel spurs and I only had a small one – not enough to be causing the pain. He said that I needed arch support all the time because I have high arches. I bought the insole that they offered me but I was not impressed. My heel needed cushion and this insole was rock hard. I spent the next year trying store bought insoles, special socks, and gel heel cushions but nothing worked.

    I was so desperate that I was about to buy special shoes but then I discovered the Protalus website. The first day I used them I could tell that they were different from anything I had tried thus far and I started feeling relief immediately. After only a couple of weeks, the pain that I had suffered with for a year was gone.

    I also used to get hip pain after standing or walking for a long period of time. I have now been pain free in my heels and hip for a year and a half. I use the insoles every day. I have a few different types of insoles. There are ones that I transfer to whatever shoe I am wearing that day, I have full insoles in my workout shoes, and I even have insoles that I wear in my heeled boots.

    My husband has finally started using them, also. He was skeptical at first and the insoles I bought for him sat in the closet for several months after he tried them for a couple of days. Then, last month he used them for two days in a row when he had to be on his feet all day. On day three he did not use them and he almost didn’t make it through the day due to his heel pain. On day four he used them again and thanked me at the end of the day.

    He now uses the insoles daily as well. The other day we spent hours walking outside at a historical site. A month ago he would have been hurting too much to participate. Protalus is life changing!

    Cheryl Bolt