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February 28, 2017

I do pest control for a living, and walk many miles per day on every type of surface imaginable. A couple of years ago I started having some heel pain and then started to have ball of foot pain as well. I have worn Superfeet for many years and thought they were great. I always thought the pain was from my work boots. Last year I purchased a pair of your insoles, and have been wearing them for about a year! All my pain disappeared!!! My insoles recently; after wearing them for an entire year started to wear out; which I could tell in my feet, so I tossed them in the trash, and went, and picked up another pair of Superfeet Green. I have been wearing them for about two weeks now, and my pain is starting to return! So I now know that the pain was not from my work boots, but from wearing the "wrong" insoles! I just ordered two more pairs of Protalus insoles; one for my boots, and one for my weekend shoes!!!!! I'm sold, and they DO what they claim to do, and work!!! Thanks a million.....

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