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Brian Legate

"My feet feel incredibly better."

Since 2004 I've been wearing orthotics (shoe insoles) to manage chronic foot pain. My collection is large! In 2017 I got another pair of prescription orthotics and they just never felt great. Desperate, I also tried a national Foot store chain that advertises on TV and ended up returning their product (and getting stuck with a large store credit). For me nothing was working well. While looking at Facebook, I stumbled on the Protalus Ad. After looking at the reviews and also realizing their headquarters was located in the same city I work in, I decided to give it a try. I visited their offices and was greeted by really nice people. I ended up buying a pair and  2 months later , my feet feel incredibly better. I'm able to run, jump rope, etc. now without pain + do other activities. I feel I may finally have found the solution for foot pain that works for me. You have nothing to lose trying the Protalus Insoles. Give them a try!

Brian Legate

-Manager Technology and Photographer

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