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    "From day one it made my husband feel so much better, and no pain. No leg, no foot, no back pain. He can now do everything."

    My husband has suffered for years and years with hip pain, leg pain, and foot pain. I said let’s try Protalus. I bought him a pair of insoles, he loves them and no longer has foot pain, leg pain, back pain or hip pain. They really have helped him tremendously.

    I think it’s because of not wearing correct shoes, it’s because of the alignment of the leg, it’s mostly one leg. The right leg and hip and goes to his lower back. The Protalus inserts for his shoes work totally great. I think it was just alignment.

    My husband is retired, worked for Exon Mobile international, he’s gone to Korea and his last job was Iraq, he’s been to Russia. He’s retired now. I stay home with him. I used to be an insurance underwriter.

    He would be outside, we had 6 acres, he would work for a while and had to quit because he couldn’t stand to walk, it just hurt him so bad to walk, his feet hurt, his leg, and then it would go up his back. It stopped him from doing a lot of things.

    I can’t remember if it was a TV commercial or an ad on the computer. It said it would take away the pain. I told him he needed to go to a Podiatrist and have his feet checked and get medical inserts, that’s what I use because I had surgery on both of my feet. And they said I need to wear inserts. It said it would take away all your foot pain and leg pain, so I bought it. He tried it and he said not another pair, he tried it and in several days he said, “I can’t believe, these Protalus inserts are really helping me, I can actually walk and not have pain.”

    From day one it made him feel so much better, and no pain. No leg, no foot, no back pain. He can now do everything: Yard work, mowing, even general everyday walking. I can go shop with him longer and not have to leave after being with him for an hour. In the past, we’ve tried everything, we’ve tried Dr. Scholls, etc. I don’t know how many. None of them worked.

    He was in pain and couldn’t walk so I said I’m going to buy Protalus, and he gave them a try and they worked! I told him, to wear them for a week and see how they feel, after a week they felt great, he couldn’t believe that he actually found a product that does what it says in the ad. I’m so tired of products that don’t work, and don’t do what they say.

    If he gets up and his feet are hurting, we pretty much can’t do anything, we have to stay home. We’re a couple that does everything together, we go shopping together, go out to eat, ride his Harley, but if he can’t walk he can’t do anything. And the Harley boots are really hard on your feet, they are so heavy and not very limber. And when he puts the Protalus inserts on, it’s a whole different thing.

    Deborah Ybarra