Insoles For Flats

It can be difficult to find insoles that fit well in lower volume shoes such as women's flats. Yet these shoes often provide a low amount of support and could benefit greatly from after-market insoles. Read below to find out more about insoles for flats.

Our Best Insoles For Flats

The T-Series offers a moderate degree of cushion and arch support along with a thin profile. It is ideal for daily wear in low to regular volume shoes such as flats, narrow athletic trainers, and oxfords. The M-Series incorporates Protalus's patented alignment technology to provide the structure and comfort you need.

How can you make flats more supportive?

If the person wearing the flat shoes has a low arch, flat feet, or if they wear flats on a daily basis for long periods of time, insoles can add arch support and help prevent arch collapse.

Can you put insoles in flats?

Many insert brands have a cushion that is too high to be worn with flats. They push the heel up too high and can cause the heel to slip out of the shoe while walking. The Protalus T-Series is a thinner insole collection that still provides arch support and is specifically made for low to regular volume shoes.

Are insoles for flats cushioned?

Because most flats have little to no cushion, they can be painful to wear for a full day. Adding insoles to flats will not only help with arch support and ankle alignment but add comfort as well since most insoles are cushioned.

Can insoles prevent odor in flats?

Odor in shoes is caused by the build up of bacteria and sweat. Many people choose to wear flat shoes without socks, which can exacerbate the problem. While some insoles have antimicrobial surfaces or even odor fighting agents, wearing your shoes without socks will create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and the odor will follow.

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