T Series

T-Series Shoe Insoles

Designed as your BFF, your go-to for casual, cool everyday shoes such as Vans, Converse, Ecco, lightweight running shoes and more, our slimmer, low-profile T-series increases comfort and connects you to the things you love.

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Understanding how to prevent your foot pain means understanding its cause. Unfortunately, this can be a complex and confusing subject. When preparing to write this book, we made the decision to partner a leading orthopedic surgeon with an experienced educator to make sure these concepts are presented clearly and accurately so that you will be able to leverage this knowledge for yourself. Of course, this book is not a replacement for a doctor’s examination or treatment plan, but the more you understand about your own musculoskeletal system, the better you will be at addressing the factors that contribute to your discomfort.


What makes T-Series insoles stand out?

Thinner than the M-series, the T-series offers support and comfort in a lower-profile design. If you have flat feet and have never worn insoles before, we recommend starting here. This series offers relief in footwear that is too shallow for the M-series, while still implementing our Tri-Planar Technology. Their flexible design and low profile makes them great running insoles.

How do T-Series insoles work?

Protalus insoles are cushion insoles that improve comfort, performance, and mobility through alignment. Discomfort often occurs when structures of the body are subjected to forces they aren’t designed to withstand. When your body is properly aligned, the force of each step is more evenly distributed throughout the kinetic chain, reducing pressure, inflammation, and strain on your body.

What are benefits of using T-Series insoles?

Protalus insoles have been shown to benefit flat feet (overpronation), significantly more than other insole companies. 80% of the population suffers from some level of overpronation, and Protalus insoles correct this by aligning the ankle joint to a more neutral position. This helps maintain the integrity of your arches and alleviate discomfort.

What should T-Series insoles be used for?

The T-Series is a great match for lower volume shoes such as Vans or Converse. They offer a moderate degree of arch support for daily wear which we find is often the best starting place for our customers who are seeking additional arch support, help with plantar fasciitis, or maintaining proper alignment in the feet.