"It's good to be pain free." - Bhumita A.

It's time to move comfortably.

Protalus Insoles

Protalus Insoles For Comfort

Protalus insoles get results because they are unlike any others

Our patented system for hindfoot alignment helps your whole body feel it's best, not just your feet.

Hear what others have to say:

Protalus targets the root cause of discomfort

"Comfort is a natural byproduct of alignment, not simply cushion." - Kirk McCullough, M.D.

Other Insoles

Protalus Insoles For Comfort
They rely on mid-foot (arch) support
Protalus Insoles For Comfort
Weight is still distributed across a misaligned system and the foot is not positioned properly which can lead to pain, fatigue, and long-term wear issues.

The Protalus

Protalus Insoles For Comfort
Corrects alignment through the hindfoot
Protalus Insoles For Comfort
Everything is moved into a neutral position allowing weight to be properly distributed which sets the stage for comfort from the foot up through the spine

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