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    T 100

    Replaces stock insole
    Full size / Low profile
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    Highest Quality Materials

    Our innovative combination of materials have revolutionized the way you will feel on your feet. Providing impact reduction, superior alignment, and moisture-wicking, you can do what you love.

    Ideal for standard shoes

    The T-Series is designed for standard, regular volume shoes, such as Vans, Nike Free’s, and Sperry’s. Best suited for those looking for enhanced comfort and support.

    See & Feel the Difference

    Protalus has engineered our insoles with the understanding that the human foot is a robust and complex structure with 26 bones and 33 joints. Other insole companies seem to think it’s a pancake.

    Your success is our story...

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    T Thin Series

    Cushioning & Alignment

    Let our T-Series complement your lifestyle. Thinner than the M-series, these insoles feature a low-profile shape designed to fit in shoes with less volume. Our T-100 provides more moderate support for the ankle joint, suitable for those needing a combination of cushioning and alignment, with shoes that may not have the space to fit (allowance for) the M-Series. Pairing our patented TRI-Planar technology with our conforming heel cup, you can do what you love without sacrificing comfort. Whether you’re constantly on the move or simply need a little more support, experience your world and do what you love in alignment with Protalus.


    Protalus insoles allow for free and easy movement of the foot, without locking it in place.


    When you step into Protalus insoles, you are aligning your kinetic chain. This means enhanced performance with less pain and fatigue.


    Our insoles provide support to the subtalar joint, guiding the foot through natural movement while preventing over pronation or over supination.


    Our cushioning system dampens impact and provides shock absorption, giving you a softer ride throughout your day.

    TRI-Planar Technology

    PROTALUS patented TPS system technology revolutionizes the way insoles work and feel. Created to reduce unsafe ranges of motion, our technology utilizes force and counter force to align your ankle with your heel in an optimal position. Learn more

    T-100 Insoles
    Protalus Insoles
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