M- 75

Ultimate Comfort, Greatest Degree Of Arch Support, Ideal For Larger / Wider Shoes With Non-removable Factory Insoles

Product Specifications
Protalus Insoles

Amazing Comfort

Designed to add additional comfort and support to each step, even in the stiffest footbeds.


Un-Matched Alignment

Our Tri-Planar Alignment System improves the function of the body by guiding the body into proper position.


The Arch Support You Need

Protalus ® insoles come up higher on the sides of the foot (especially the medial side) than other insoles, reducing pressure.


Money-Back Guarantee

90 days to try them. Unsatisfied?

No problem. Send them back for a full refund and, of course, we cover shipping.

Try A Pair Today: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Protalus ®

Comfort System

Built into every M100 insole is years of research and engineering to achieve our unmatched comfort system that achieves the perfect mixture of Contour + Cushion + Control.



Patented Heel Cup

Our comfort system all starts with the expertly engineered, patented heel cup which, due to years of research and iterations, is able to improve alignment of the kinetic chain, beginning with the ankle.

| Reduces wear and tear on joints

| Delays fatigue

| Improves foot posture

How it works


Signature Protalus ® Footbed

By increasing the area of contact with the foot, our signature footbed helps to reduce pressure felt on key peak pressure points like the heel and the ball of the foot.

| Stand long hours more comfortably

| Improves stability

| More stable step

How it works


Premium Materials

Through sourcing high quality, USA made materials, we have created industry leading shock absorption in the heel and forefoot pads. This addition helps to spread impact over time and reduce peak impact shock.

| Softer step

| Delays fatigue

| Improves foot posture

How it works
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