ET Series

ET-Series Shoes Inserts

Designed for the flashy shoes you are proud of, but know your feet may ache because of their narrow or low-profile fit. Our ET-Series are perfect for dress or narrow shoes that don’t allow room for a full insole.


What makes ET-Series insoles stand out?

This ultra-thin insole is designed to fit in narrower shoes without space for our full-size models, such as some dress shoes or flats.

How do ET-Series insoles work?

This slim-profile shape redistributes pressure around the foot, so you can feel as good as you look without the discomfort and pain points that can be brought on by some dress style shoes.

What are benefits of using ET-Series insoles?

Many people find it difficult to fit arch support inserts in their dress shoes. With the thinner ET-Series insoles redistributing the pressure around the foot, you are able to comfortabley wear your dress shoes for longer periods of time while avoiding sore feet.

What should ET-Series insoles be used for?

The ET-Series is specially designed to fit in many shoes that are too thin for traditional insoles. They are the Protalus dress shoe inserts. They work well with men's dress style shoes such as loafers, oxfords, and low-profile dress boots.