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Your Feet


Most people aren’t aware of body misalignment until pain and fatigue begin to take over daily life. With concrete around every corner, a slight misalignment can become more damaged over time. Our insoles realign your body from the feet up to evenly distribute the force of each step and block destructive, misaligned shockwaves from traveling up your kinetic chain. By stepping into a better insole today, you are supporting your feet and body for a lifetime.

Align Yourself

Testimonials & Success Stories

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"I have since been recommending these to any person who is willing to listen"

A collegue had introduced me to Arch Mobility inserts as I was having some foot and knee issues since moving to minimal style shoes. I will be honest with you, I wasn’t a big fan of foot inserts, as I have been in the medical industry for over a dozen years and have seen all the “claims” by other competing companies. Well, my mind was changed the instant I tried them in my Reebok Nanos and Nike Frees. Whereas most inserts tend to focus on the support by concentrating on the arch area, Arch Mobility inserts felt like a complete supportive device that focused on re-aligning from the heel, which in turn supported and corrected my entire foot. This support held me secure throughout heavy lifts, quick explosive jumps, and short and long distance runs. I have since been recommending these to any person who is willing to listen, as these are for anyone who is looking to increase performance, stability, mobility and support in their footwear.

John Jarvis
Co-Founder/ Director, PTEX Athletic Performance Gear