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Stacy Lytle
"These inserts saved my life! And now after being out of my foot boot, finally, I still wear them continuously and my plantar fasciitis has diminished.. "

- Stacy Lytle

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Lucia Luna
"6 months ago I would not have been able to walk 3 miles and now I can."

- Lucia Luna

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Gilbert Henjum
"I have suffered from foot and leg pain from type 2 Diabetes for years...Is it proper to say OMG what a find! My feet are feeling amazing.."

- Gilbert Henjum

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Lee Cella
"I've tried just about everything and am constantly changing out insoles looking for anything that will make my day more comfortable. Well, my search is over!"

- Lee Cella

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Hi, my name is Bill Rogers and I live in Richmond, Virginia. I'm 68 years old. I've been wearing these arch supports for about the last year and a half, and I just love them. 

- Bill Rogers

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Randy Dodge
" feet are much less sore and ankles much less swollen than previously. I think I have finally found something that works!"

- Randy Dodge

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Vipul Sharma
"I am definitely seeing good results so far... in general my legs, feet, back feel better..."

- Vipul Sharma

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Scott Tink
"I am battling Diabetes, Plantar Fasciitis, and Leukemia...all my pain has gone now, ALL OF IT. I feel 1000 times better."

- Scott Tink

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Bernadette McKinnon
"In the first two hours of wearing them, I can lift my legs, the spasms are going away and my balance is back. All I have to say is, amazing!"

- Bernadette McKinnon

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Scott Rushing
"A week later and I'm taking the stairs at work and bouncing around like a 30 year-old again!"

- Scott Rushing

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Shannon Owens Samples
"I felt immediate relief and within 2 weeks of wearing them daily, I was PAIN FREE!"

- Shannon Owens Samples

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Todd Gardner
"I feel like a new person and 10 years younger."

- Todd Gardner

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"No hip pain, no foot pain, and I feel the arch support really working!"

- Karen Pennington

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Michael Goonan
"These orthotics work much better than the ones I get made at the podiatrist."

- Michael Goonan

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Carol Jenks
"I have diabetic neuropathy and walking can be very painful. It is absolutely wonderful how they help relieve the pain!"

- Carol Jenks

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India Wood
"I love my Protalus inserts."

- India Wood

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Renee Dallimore
"Your insoles are a positive dream that provides the right amount of support, stability, and comfort."

- Renee Dallimore

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Cynthia Phillips
"After one month the back pain was GONE and I am almost completely pain free in my foot. I am so glad I gave these a try!"

- Cynthia Phillips

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Jau Hurta
"These insoles are life changing.."

- Jau Hurta

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Shelley Brister Malone
"I averaged 20,000 steps/day, including lots of stairs. My feet never bothered me ONCE."

- Shelley Brister Malone

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Sheri Hopson
"I'm surprised how comfortable they actually made my Nike's feel..."

- Sheri Hopson

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Stephanie Trissell
"They made my favorite shoes comfortable, again!"

- Stephanie Trissell

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Richard A Kent Jr.
"I’ll never walk, run, dance or live without them ever again."

- Richard A Kent Jr.

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Adam Ramirez
"AMAZING results....A true must for any runner or chronic knee pain injury."

- Adam Ramirez

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Bruce Schmeal
"My plantar fasciitis condition is relieved. Unreal months of discomfort gone in minutes."

- Bruce Schmeal

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Tina Jameson
"Wore them for the first day today....I am dancing on my way home! Going to buy more for my other shoes! "

- Tina Jameson

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Lois Whitt Nitz
"Hands down, these are the best, and I have spent hundreds of dollars on inserts that didn't work.. I highly recommend these to everyone!!"

- Lois Whitt Nitz

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Diane Higdem
"These inserts have more than proven their worth! Thank you, Protalus, I owe ya! You took my mind off the pain."

- Diane Higdem

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Dawn Dowling
"I could feel relief instantly, as soon as I slipped them in my work boots.."

- Dawn Dowling

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Leah Waters Cossarek
"One day. That's all it took. I feel like I have my life back again!"

- Leah Waters Cossarek

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Damon Humphrey
"..I have noticed a significant difference with less pain and tightness in my knees and back."

- Damon Humphrey

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Fran Cassidy
"I’ve just put 49 miles on my feet in 6 days!!"

- Fran Cassidy

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Claudie Dubiel
"...No pain all day. So happy to have found you."

- Claudie Dubiel

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Melinda Soares
"..They feel amazing!"

- Melinda Soares

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Michael Ferrell
"Since the first day I wore them in my walking shoes and boots my legs and feet didn't hurt!"

- Michael Ferrell

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Karl Gately
"They are AWESOME!!!! The minute I put them in my steel toe sneakers & put them on I could tell they will make a big difference."

- Karl Gately

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Jayne Jarbeau
"My pain was reduced by 80%. I also had no pain later at home or when I get up in the morning. "

- Jayne Jarbeau

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Laurence Smith
"They really do work. Amazing, and it almost brings me to tears. Thank you, my friends."

- Laurence Smith

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Kris Etze
"I adore them and wear them in my shoes every day."

- Kris Etze

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Alan Borack
"..they are a keeper."

- Alan Borack

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Sharon Chambers Corkrum
"They supported my feet, arches, and heels without the usual pain, and they made for happy feet throughout all of the walking.."

- Sharon Chambers Corkrum

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LeeAnn Fuller
"We went on vacation and I could walk!!!"

- LeeAnn Fuller

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Amanda Carlson Bozarth
"My husband LOVES his....we found a savior in these insoles!"

- Amanda Carlson Bozarth

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Kevin Smith
"I love them and they have been the only thing to keep my feet pain free"

- Kevin Smith

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Ma Dina Venzon
" I can endure long hours of walking without pain."

- Ma Dina Venzon

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Shelley Brister Malone
"My feet never bothered me ONCE. In fact, I forgot to worry about them after a couple of days."

- Shelley Brister Malone

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Paul Puglisi
"...for the last three weeks product was impressive."

- Paul Puglisi

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Mary Rose-Duncan
"Without these inserts, I don't think I would have been able to do all the walking."

- Mary Rose-Duncan

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Ann Acevedo
"I am so happy they worked so well for me! "

- Ann Acevedo

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Carole Buckner
"Your soles make my life active again."

- Carole Buckner

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Ron Brehm
"I am pleased and will purchased a third pair so that I do not have to constantly remove the insole from shoe to shoe. "

- Ron Brehm

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Jeff Green
“...I tried them and after using them for 2 weeks my circulation has improved dramatically which has reduced my pain and swelling considerably...”

- Jeff Green

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Randall Morgan
"..I have had 0 pain for 2 days. Amazing."

- Randall Morgan

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Patty Flanary
"I have diabetic neuropathy, I use the Protalus in my shoes every day... it did get rid of a lot of the pain."

- Patty Flanary

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Candi Rousseau
"You couldn’t pry mine from my feet! The difference is nothing short of amazing!"

- Candi Rousseau

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Maureen Johnson
"Hi, I work at Home Depot. For 13 years I have pounded the concrete... This is the 1st product that really works. Worth every penny and then some. A customer for life."

- Maureen Johnson

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Garold Smart
" arthritis pain and knee pain as well went away. I'm very pleasantly surprised.."

- Garold Smart

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Sean Houston
"You just saved me over $670. Thank you Protalus for being on facebook."

- Sean Houston

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Jane Oliver
"I am a skeptic of grand product claims, but these insoles live up to the hype. "

- Jane Oliver

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Randall Hansard
"It's amazing, the foot pain is gone and I've got my full and proper stride back."

- Randall Hansard

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Michelle Halliburton
"I was shocked as to how much these helped my feet and legs."

- Michelle Halliburton

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Nick Passanise
"I have absolutely no pain anywhere."

- Nick Passanise

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Elle Mauro
"Six hours in on my new insoles and zero pain...I am pleased beyond relief!"

- Elle Mauro

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Dorinda Gaige
"It took NOT having them on to realize how much they had helped.."

- Dorinda Gaige

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Dave Tamer
"No other brand has come close in comfort and pain reduction like Protalus. "

- Dave Tamer

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Michelle Rusk Wilson
"OMG my pain is finally gone."

- Michelle Rusk Wilson

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Anthony Hoynacky
"I would go as far as to call them the "Holy Grail" of orthotic insoles!"

- Anthony Hoynacky

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Gail Hendershot Lang
"I’ve been AMAZED....Thank you so much for helping me!!!"

- Gail Hendershot Lang

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Lynn Biasini
"I had NO heel pain when I got up this AM. "

- Lynn Biasini

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Carol Schultz
"My foot feels so much better."

- Carol Schultz

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MK Blakes
"OMG! Thank you for such a great product!"

- MK Blakes

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Mike Obrien
"I have a LOT less foot pain, and I sleep better because my feet aren't throbbing like a toothache..."

- Mike Obrien

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Elaine Fritz
"The M100 version has been the most comfortable of all."

- Elaine Fritz

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Jonathan Nuckels
"I'm a believer in the Protalus insoles. I will be buying again."

- Jonathan Nuckels

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Martin Packer
"Wow, I have been looking for this type of real Heel support and alignment for years.."

- Martin Packer

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Sandra Robinson
"From the moment I started using these, I've had absolutely no foot pain."

- Sandra Robinson

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Alison Olker
"...well all I can say is AMAZING!!"

- Alison Olker

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Cynthia Davis
"My feet feel so much better, it's unbelievable!"

- Cynthia Davis

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Lee Horton
"I will never wear another shoe without Protalus support!!!!"

- Lee Horton

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Tim Edwards
"With Protalus insoles, my pain is virtually gone."

- Tim Edwards

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Melanie Jones
"I'm going to call it a big win!"

- Melanie Jones

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Alan Glickman
"...within days my long-lived pain is gone."

- Alan Glickman

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Denise Lung
"I am so amazed with this product."

- Denise Lung

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Pat Cummings
"Guess what, no pain at all, it was if I never had a problem."

- Pat Cummings

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Stan Kaye
"No pain-- how about that! I was amazed and this is not a placebo effect!"

- Stan Kaye

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Darron Hobbs
"It is such a relief to be virtually pain free and able to focus on my job."

- Darron Hobbs

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Mark Stines
"I could feel the difference immediately, great cushion for the heel and fantastic arch support."

- Mark Stines

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Tim Young
"..After just a half a day of wearing them, my knee and back feel 100% better!!"

- Tim Young

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Deanna Burton Dunwoodie
“I have neuropathy in my feet and they really add stability. Love them!!”

- Deanna Burton Dunwoodie

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Laura Becker
"My ankles were stable and my weight shifted more to my heels, relieving my toes."

- Laura Becker

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Renee Dallimore
"…Finding an insole that provides the right amount of support, stability, and comfort was like finding a polka-dotted unicorn on my front lawn... Your Protalus insoles are a positive dream."

- Renee Dallimore

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Rhonda Hart
"I couldn't believe I had waited so long to find Protalus but was so glad I finally had the relief I'd been looking for. "

- Rhonda Hart

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James Egan
“This is absolutely no lie, within hours my feet felt better and it just a couple of days my pain was gone! The stability came back in my ankles and my posture felt corrected.”

- James Egan

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Carol Ayala
"All my pain is gone. GONE!!!"

- Carol Ayala

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Anthony G
"I will stick with these insoles for life, thank you!"

- Anthony G

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Brian Legate
"My feet feel incredibly better."

- Brian Legate

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Charla Myers
"I bought two pairs of M100s for my boots and they are wonderful."

- Charla Myers

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Mike White
"These inserts had me pain-free in three days. Thank you."

- Mike White

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Nico Bonzani
"I am honestly shocked at the difference I feel not using them."

- Nico Bonzani

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Kathy G
"I can walk my dogs and work out at the gym without pain. Thank you for a great product."

- Kathy G

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Mike Mador
"now i wear them in every pair of shoes, even my dress shoes."

- Mike Mador

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Shelby Riddle
"What an amazing change. Within a month my feet were less painful."

- Shelby Riddle

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Lawrence Uelk
"The arch support is great!..Thanks. I am 73 and still running!"

- Lawrence Uelk

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William Molner
"It works for me when nothing else did."

- William Molner

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Ray Massini
"I have been wearing the Protalus inserts for almost a year now and thankfully can't remember the pain I used to be in. My plantar fasciitis was corrected within a couple of weeks"

- Ray Massini

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Dawn Fischer-Chou
"....As my feet were getting adjusted to being in proper alignment, I could tell a huge difference!"

- Dawn Fischer-Chou

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Jean Emerson
"I love my Protalus insoles."

- Jean Emerson

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David Hardt
"no other insert i had tried worked like this."

- David Hardt

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Kelly Kathrineberg
"I am eternally grateful to have found this product."

- Kelly Kathrineberg

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Rebecca Lucas Gregg
"I have faith these inserts are the answer to my prayers."

- Rebecca Lucas Gregg

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Ronda Sutton
"I put the Protalus in my shoes and instant relief."

- Ronda Sutton

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Victoria Esmacher
"Nothing has worked as great as Protalus."

- Victoria Esmacher

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Joni Curtis
"Foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, have greatly improved, in a short time. Alignment is key."

- Joni Curtis

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Josh O'Connell
"Since day 1, day 1, I have not had foot pain!!!"

- Josh O'Connell

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Carol S Morgan
"I have plantar fasciitis and diabetic Neuropathy... I can walk and stand forever with the Protalus inserts in my shoes!!"

- Carol S Morgan

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I’m a nurse, I work between 10 and 14 hours a day. Sometimes longer, sometimes less. But I’m on my feet all day usually. Over the years my feet have hurt and ached and were totally tired at the end of the day. I’ve tried the Dr. Scholl’s and the inserts of other things and the shoes and nothing helped. Until I came across the M100’s.

- Kent Huffman

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Nancy Rhee
"I'm no longer in pain and not using a cane. What a miracle!! Thank you!"

- Nancy Rhee

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Karla L Booker MD
"I'm an active physician, who lived in high heels my entire adult life. The very first time I wore my Protalus inserts I had absolutely NO PAIN!"

- Karla L Booker MD

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Jamie Womack
"All I can say is Protalus insoles have SAVED MY LIFE in so many ways."

- Jamie Womack

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Diane Orton
"..after wearing them every day all day for two weeks my back pain and ankle pain are now gone."

- Diane Orton

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Laura Becker
"Now I can finally wear and actually walk in heels without pain!"

- Laura Becker

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Jill McMurrey
"My feet do not hurt. I spent more time on my feet to test them and I am shocked."

- Jill McMurrey

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Joe Crowley
"Hands down the best insoles you can get!"

- Joe Crowley

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Allie Woody
"Absolutely AMAZING. I’m CURED! Thanks so much!"

- Allie Woody

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William De Lorie
"Great improvement: no more hot spots."

- William De Lorie

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My husband has suffered for years and years with hip pain, leg pain, and foot pain. I said let’s try Protalus. I bought him a pair of insoles, he loves them and no longer has foot pain, leg pain, back pain or hip pain. They really have helped him tremendously.

- Deborah Ybarra

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Hi, my name is Tommy Benton, a 67 year old Federal Government retiree, pretty active spending a lot of time in the gym 4-6 days a week and just enjoying life. I heard about Protalus from a website and I was very much interested in it because I was having so much Plantar Fasciitis. It had come and gone for a few months and was apparently here to stay. I had tried some products from a local pharmacy but was just not getting any relief and had thought I’d give this a try. In addition to Plantar Fasciitis, I had some discomfort in my left knee.

- Tommy Benton

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I’m currently living in Oceanside, California. I’m a middle school teacher. I was in the navy for 26 years and did a lot of active stuff but always was extremely flat footed. Consequently, I pronate and I wear out shoes quickly. About a year and a half ago I found Protalus. It’s just amazing how well those inserts work for my feet. The idea of having to buy shoes every three months because I’m wearing out one side is no longer something I have to deal with because the inserts work so well.

- Elliott Powell

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Mary Cassady
"I am nearly speechless, yet want to tell everyone about my new life-changing insoles."

- Mary Cassady

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I never knew what plantar fasciitis was, my mom had it and said it was painful. I played in a soccer tournament in New Zealand (middle of April) but this foot pain started to hit me at the beginning of April. I was playing indoor soccer on Sundays and Thursday nights. The pain was sporadic, I would be laying in bed waiting for my game, watching TV, then all of a sudden I would get this pain in my left foot, in the arch area. I could barely walk and caused me to limp around until the pain went away. I would take an 800 ibuprofen then shortly after the pain would go away.

- Tricia Nishikawa

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Jill Dobrowolski
"All I can say is that these have simply changed my life."

- Jill Dobrowolski

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Renate Knight
"Since using the inserts, I sleep all night without pain."

- Renate Knight

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I’m a massage therapist in Tulsa, Oklahoma and work with Cirque du Soleil,  and the hockey and baseball minor league teams. I play tennis a lot. I belong to the USTA league here. I’ve been using Protalus for four and half years.

- Jasen Texeira

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My name is Sharon Mortensen. I’m retired, so I have a lot of free time. We live a little bit north of Tampa, Florida. Most of my kids are all grown.  I saw an advertisement on one of the websites I was looking at and I was very interested. I had gained a lot of weight with a thyroid condition, unfortunately, and caused my arches to fall. Once you don’t have that arch support you get a lot of pain in your foot when you’re walking. I had tried several generic arch supports and they were very helpful but they never quite did the job.

- Sharon Mortensen

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I’m Jerry Prendergast, I’m a restaurant consultant based in Los Angeles, California. I’m an avid cyclist, tennis player, and used to do in my younger days, triathlon. I still do long distance biking and some long distance swimming. I’m 63 years old, I’m six foot two, I’m not exactly a little guy, so the stress on my achilles  tendons are too much to run anything but a couple miles anymore. I just started playing the national 60 and older USTA tennis competition.

- Jerry Prendergast

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For 6 months, I’ve worn Protalus insoles in shoes I wear for work and for leisurely walking. I feel secure and stable in them. I like the heel cup and the fact that they reach forward and provide comfort to the ball of my foot. I’m a husband and grandfather, just about to turn 69. I’m a minister and Air force Chaplin. I was in the Air Force all together for nearly 26 years. Currently, I’m the interim minister of a church where I’ve been for nearly a year. And will probably continue to do that type of work.

- Phil Miller

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My name is Stephen Lawrence. I was born in London and raised in New York. I now live in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, I’m an aircraft inspector for Delta Airlines. I’m single, never married, no kids.  I had a foot injury, I didn’t know if it was Plantar Fasciitis, I had that at one point in my life. All I know is that when I went to sleep I had a Charlie horse, and when I woke up the next morning my heel was killing me.

- Stephen Lawrence

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I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m the chairman of a Chevrolet dealership and have been there for 39 years. I have a son who lives close by with his wife and baby and I’ve been married for 37 years. I heard about Protalus on Facebook. I shattered T12 in my back in 1998 and have permanent nerve damage in my left foot which makes walking barefoot impossible. I was numb from the waist down until I had my surgery. I spent a year in recovery

- Bill Bass

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I’m a retired pharmacy technician. I moved up to the state of Washington in 1977 from the state of Oregon. I became a pharmacy technician in 1995. I retired from the hospital in 2016. I’m a new retiree, still learning how to be retired. I have two children, a son and daughter, and dog and 4 grandkids. We’ve been married for 44 years. I have a lot of arthritis in my body, I had bunion surgery on both my feet. My parents had feet problems too.

- Debbie Perkins

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I am a 63 year old wife, mom and grandma. I’ve been a stay at home Mom and Grandma. I’m on my feet all day because I work all day around the house, I don’t sit around and watch soap operas all day. Because of my back and spinal issues I’ve had to wear athletic shoes most of the time.

- Harriet Cook

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Nate Haugen
"These insoles are the best that I have ever used."

- Nate Haugen

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Wynn Land
"Since wearing my Protalus Insoles I have been pain free."

- Wynn Land

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Karen Solomon
"I am so happy that I have finally found a product that actually helps! Thank you so much."

- Karen Solomon

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Phoebe Mortensen
"Thank you Protalus for helping me with so much foot discomfort every passing day."

- Phoebe Mortensen

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Greg Boltz
"I'm completely blown away by this product and it is worth EVERY penny I spent."

- Greg Boltz

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Mora Chartrand
"They're the best thing that ever happened to my feet."

- Mora Chartrand

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Jeff Jones
"Instantly, I could walk with no pain, the first time in years!"

- Jeff Jones

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I’m an occupational health nurse, I’ve been working for 5 years, a nurse in general for 7 years. I currently work in a manufacturing facility with hundreds of employees. I live in Richmond, Washington. I grew up here and went to college in Washington. I lived in Idaho and then moved back here with my family because it’s a great place to raise the family. It’s a fantastic job and opportunity to focus on prevention rather than rally around some acute emergency in the typical nursing world.

- Eli Brackenbury

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Elizabeth Hinkle
"I am not an individual who is easily impressed by products and these insoles have truly amazed me!"

- Elizabeth Hinkle

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Diane Laue
"My husband is on day 2 of wearing them and notices a big difference in how he feels and walks."

- Diane Laue

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Greg Umphrey
"Cannot recommend this product enough. I have just ordered my second pair. Thank you."

- Greg Umphrey

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My name is David Klawitter, I live in New York. I’ve lived here my entire life. I’m a retired registered nurse and spent the vast majority of my career on my feet. Through High School with track and running cross country took a toll on the knees, joints, and soles of my feet. Now I work part-time  in two funeral homes, and again I spend significant time on my feet. And had noticed that over the years I had developed quite a problem with my soles of my feet, getting sore, hurt, then my hips start to bother me, due to the wear and tear over all the years.

- David Klawitter

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Bonnie C
"...need to walk my dog on a regular basis...problems started disappearing one at a time like magic."

- Bonnie C

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I was a certified and licensed trainer athletic trainer in the State of Pennsylvania. if someone wanted to go to the podiatrist and pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars, for a foot cast and a valuation and so on. That was their prerogative. But this is the alternative that worked for me. It’s very reasonable for what I got. It was only $80, very reasonable for what I got. Dr. Scholl-esque off the rack, size ten, slip them in and hope for the best, there was  some arch support and cushion, with this over the counter product. But nothing like the prescription arch support his product provides. 

- Paul Scheuch

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I’m on my feet most of the day on concrete floors because I work two jobs. And I was really having a problem, I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning because my feet hurt so bad. Then I just broke down and said let me try the insoles...

- Cynthia Alexander

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I live in St. Paul, Minnesota. I work for 3M as their head global talent acquisition. I’ve had problems with my right leg for a long time. I had an accident 20 years back and have been hurting ever since. It was a road accident on a bike, my lower Tibia was broken and something went wrong with my knee. I’ve tried other insoles, some of them have helped and others haven’t.

- Anthony Sasikar

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Paul Scheuch
"Someone did their research to develop this product. This a product that any medical professional would love to represent."

- Paul Scheuch

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Dan Britton
"From running on the treadmill to walking my dog, in just two days I can feel a difference!"

- Dan Britton

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Steve Meltzer
"Had them a week and I've noticed a significant difference in the pain in my back."

- Steve Meltzer

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I’ve had problems for a long time. I have mild neuropathy and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I play golf a lot, and travel a lot so I thought this was worth looking into for pain relief in my feet. Mild Neuropathy is a nerve problem, generally associated with people that are diabetic. My arthritis issues started probably 10 years ago after knee replacement surgery. I’ve been dealing with this for the last 10 years, trying different solutions and the Doctors said this is something you have to live with...

- Gary Martin

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"They even reduced swelling that I was experiencing. I highly recommend these inserts."

- JD

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Jennifer O'Bryan
"My husband is awfully glad I ordered these for him and we highly recommend them."

- Jennifer O'Bryan

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Doloreslei Chang
"He started using the insoles and no longer has pain like he used to."

- Doloreslei Chang

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Bonnie Weberman
"I purchased a pair for my husband...WOW! He loved these... He says they feel great! Just ordered a second pair for him . Thank You!"

- Bonnie Weberman

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Chris Parent
"Walking the dog accentuated the pain...The Protalus insoles really have reduced the pain and increased my mojo in just a single day."

- Chris Parent

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Cindy Custer
"Completed the hike and never had an issue with foot soreness or my right hip going out of alignment!"

- Cindy Custer

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Alyson Keenan
"6 weeks later my husband has no foot pain at all."

- Alyson Keenan

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"I have to say these have made walking with my little dog a pleasure instead of a pain."

- Barbara

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Alison Dyson

- Alison Dyson

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Betsy Ann Crabtree
"Thank you so much Protalus for making an insole that is affordable, comfortable, and reliable! It makes a difference!!!"

- Betsy Ann Crabtree

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Joyce Holloway
"I noticed improvement the first few days with my Protalus!"

- Joyce Holloway

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Tricia Dowell
"I am so pleased with this product, I could shout it from the rooftops."

- Tricia Dowell

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Steven Silvano
"I wear them in my golf shoes and I have so much better balance!"

- Steven Silvano

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Cory McBride
"It’s remarkable, I have walked 54 holes in 3 days and run just over 6 miles and there is no pain."

- Cory McBride

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Darryl Watkins
"Don't wait! Give them a try you will not be disappointed."

- Darryl Watkins

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Matthew Hamilton
"Am shocked at how quickly they have reduced my level of pain..."

- Matthew Hamilton

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Lynn Himler
"No surgery or cortisone shots - these insoles work!"

- Lynn Himler

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Judy Szurek
"My feet feel so much better and don't hurt after a long day of work!!"

- Judy Szurek

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Matthew Steiner
"I had wasted hundreds of dollars on useless inserts..."

- Matthew Steiner

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Christina Blake

- Christina Blake

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Patricia Kleinbrook
"My feet don't feel tired. They feel great."

- Patricia Kleinbrook

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Mike Cantu
"Big Huge "THANKS!", To Protalus."

- Mike Cantu

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Wilfer Henderson
"Thanks to Protalus!"

- Wilfer Henderson

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Lisa Poole-Johnson
"I will never go without them."

- Lisa Poole-Johnson

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Steffanie Yang-Wei
"Protalus, THANK YOU for making a DIFFERENCE!"

- Steffanie Yang-Wei

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John Knopp
"This is the solution to my problem."

- John Knopp

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Diane Fortune
"Try them, what do you have to lose but pain."

- Diane Fortune

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Pilar Godoy-Ochoa
"I can't live without them."

- Pilar Godoy-Ochoa

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Cindi Hull Holland
"Not one ounce of pain."

- Cindi Hull Holland

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Joyce Baranak
"Thank you Protalus For saving me and keeping me pain-free for over one year now!!"

- Joyce Baranak

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Rick Bullock
"Still no miracle cure, but the inserts have made a remarkable difference in just a few weeks."

- Rick Bullock

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Charles Brewer

- Charles Brewer

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Ken Garrison
"I'm a believer in these and will purchase another couple of pair soon."

- Ken Garrison

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Donnie Boyum
"I could feel a serious improvement to my ankles, hips, and back. 100% improved."

- Donnie Boyum

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Deidamia Gibson
"My $300 inserts were not doing the job."

- Deidamia Gibson

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Earl R. Major
"I laughed when I read the Protalus ad. Nonetheless, I ordered a pair. I'm not laughing anymore."

- Earl R. Major

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David McDaverson
"I took my first pain-free step out of bed in 13 years!"

- David McDaverson

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Sue Melander
"I will always buy Protalus insoles. I wasted enough money on all the other less expensive brands!"

- Sue Melander

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Jonathan Ezor
"I put these into my shoes, boots and sneakers, and my daily foot and lower back pain goes away."

- Jonathan Ezor

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Earl R. Major
"I notice the difference between wearing them and not wearing them. I love them!!!"

- Earl R. Major

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Kristin Johnson Perez
"I'm so excited and hopeful that these will be the answer I've looked for."

- Kristin Johnson Perez

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Kathy Vlahos Barbero
"Only have for two days but no plantar pain today!"

- Kathy Vlahos Barbero

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Rick Melander
"Helped me right way!"

- Rick Melander

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Lou Flores
"All I can say is, #ProtalusIsAmazing!"

- Lou Flores

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Gregg Williamson
"These work as good or better than the custom made ones from the foot doctor."

- Gregg Williamson

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Jeanette Hardy
"I can walk around the house at night with little pain. These are a must have!"

- Jeanette Hardy

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Clyde Scott
"These inserts put my feet in a neutral position which has eliminated my problem."

- Clyde Scott

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Kerri Majaski Nundahl
"Being able to stand up and walk in the morning without pain is the best feeling ever."

- Kerri Majaski Nundahl

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Jeff Kaplan
"The difference in quality and support (both physical and customer) is readily apparent in this companies model."

- Jeff Kaplan

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Glenn Wilson
"I know everyone's situation is different but there worked wonders for me."

- Glenn Wilson

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Shawn Morgan
"These have been a lifesaver!"

- Shawn Morgan

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Brian Spicer
"I'm sold, and they DO what they claim to do, and work!!!"

- Brian Spicer

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Patricia Sgherzi
"Totally amazing!!!!!"

- Patricia Sgherzi

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Sharon J Brown
"I love these inserts. So listen up & get these beauties."

- Sharon J Brown

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Richard Avery Shoemaker II
"Really, they work as advertised."

- Richard Avery Shoemaker II

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Becky Capps
"I am so thankful for 5 pain-free days!"

- Becky Capps

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Rita Lee
"I am so thankful I tried them..."

- Rita Lee

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Linda Purcell
"I highly recommend these to anyone that's on the fence about ordering them."

- Linda Purcell

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Lana Ward Giebe
"I have become a believer."

- Lana Ward Giebe

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Karen Robertson Hutchins
"I can highly recommend the Protalus inserts for your pain relief."

- Karen Robertson Hutchins

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Joe Schellenbach
"Thankfully I saw the Protalus ad on Facebook and decided to take a chance."

- Joe Schellenbach

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Craig Pernice
"I don't have the pain anymore... Thank you!"

- Craig Pernice

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Katherine Meader
"Thank you for letting me jog again."

- Katherine Meader

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Tricia Dowell
"I'll make it till I'm 70 to retire, and even then, dollars to donuts, and it won't be my feet or legs that make me quit."

- Tricia Dowell

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Anthony Hoynacky
"I am truly amazed at what these insoles do for my feet, ankles, knees, and back."

- Anthony Hoynacky

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Jim Wolf
"I will continue to use these 'cause they work..."

- Jim Wolf

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Susan Chitwood
"I am 72 years old, and walking is no longer an excruciating experience. Thank you!"

- Susan Chitwood

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Anne Lazo
"Within several days of using the Protalus inserts, the pain and tightness started to disappear."

- Anne Lazo

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Laura Regine
"I noticed just this morning after I put my shoes with Protalus insoles on, the lump feeling is gone! WOW!"

- Laura Regine

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Karen Shikiar Masters
"Every step I took hurt. Working out was impossible. Well, these inserts surprised me!!"

- Karen Shikiar Masters

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Donna Haddox Daven
"It was indescribable how great it was to stand and walk for several hours with no pain."

- Donna Haddox Daven

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Scott Willis
"Unbelievable. I'm sold. I wish I would have had these sooner and while I was in the mountains. I will eventually have a pair for every pair of shoes I own!"

- Scott Willis

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Betsy Ann Crabtree
"If you need insoles desperately for your plantar fasciitis and you can't afford custom ones, these are for you!"

- Betsy Ann Crabtree

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Melinda Jean
"Showed them to my podiatrist today, and he said they looked like good insoles."

- Melinda Jean

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Jesse Beirwagen
"I definitely needed them. I wear them in my everyday shoes, work boots, and drumming shoes."

- Jesse Beirwagen

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Brian Müttee
"A friend recommended that I check out Protalus."

- Brian Müttee

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Joan Howze
"I started using my insoles today and found instant relief from the pain I have been suffering for months!!!"

- Joan Howze

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Daniel Gage
"I wore the wrong type of sneakers and my feet went from manageable to walking on glass."

- Daniel Gage

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Mercedes Magee

- Mercedes Magee

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Lenore Goodwin

- Lenore Goodwin

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Jack Peterson

- Jack Peterson

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John Jarvis

- John Jarvis

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Mark Heins
"I have never been so impressed with a product!"

- Mark Heins

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Alexandra McMenamin

- Alexandra McMenamin

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Carl A Dixon

- Carl A Dixon

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Joe Ridge

- Joe Ridge

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Greg Troxell

- Greg Troxell

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John McIsaac

- John McIsaac

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Sam Gold

- Sam Gold

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Thomas Smith

- Thomas Smith

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Rosemary Walton

- Rosemary Walton

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Teresa Anderson

- Teresa Anderson

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K.C. Thompson

- K.C. Thompson

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Lynn Dockey

- Lynn Dockey

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Toye Johnson

- Toye Johnson

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Kimberly Cordray

- Kimberly Cordray

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Cristian Morris

- Cristian Morris

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Mitchell Ambrose

- Mitchell Ambrose

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Audra Martin
"I just bought my second pair, and life is beautiful!"

- Audra Martin

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Daniel Baxter

- Daniel Baxter

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Greg Sheridan

- Greg Sheridan

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Robert Christiansen

- Robert Christiansen

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Ben Stoneberg

- Ben Stoneberg

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Sherrilynn Salas
"For the first time in years, I felt no pain in my heals."

- Sherrilynn Salas

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Carolyn Allen

- Carolyn Allen

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Paul Reed

- Paul Reed

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Mike Natale

- Mike Natale

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D'Wayne Edwards

- D'Wayne Edwards

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Josh Kidd

- Josh Kidd

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James Webb
"Even one day without the Protalus inserts, my feet could tell a major difference.."

- James Webb

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