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Shoe Insoles for Running

What are the benefits?


Repeated impact on a misaligned body and kinetic chain may lead to fatigue, chronic disomfort, or even injury 1. A great insole can help provide correct alignment.

1. Carvalho ACA, Junior LCH, Costa LOP, et alThe association between runners' lower limb alignment with running-related injuries: a systematic reviewBritish Journal of Sports Medicine 2011;45:339.

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Not all running shoes are created equal and often the difference between good shoes and great shoes is the support provided by the insoles. Changing out the insoles can change the feel of the shoes as well as their ability to absorb shock, which can affect the way you feel when you run 2.

2. O'Leary, Katherine & Vorpahl, Kristin & Heiderscheit, Bryan. (2008). Effect of Cushioned Insoles on Impact Forces During Running. Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association. 98. 36-41. 10.7547/0980036.

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A runner may find that their shoe just isn't comfortable for them. It may be that it's too stiff, too soft, or any number or other factors. Adding a favorite shoe insole can help control the feel of any shoe.

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