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Say Goodbye To Foot Pain With Protalus Insoles

Experience Life In Alignment With Protalus Insoles

Protalus insoles improve the alignment of your body, targeting the root cause of your discomfort, giving you the support to take on your day pain-free.

Our patented system for alignment, comfort and support

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Align the skeleton, unlock potential

Protalus insoles improve alignment of the ankle by up to 65%, which creates positive structural changes that you can feel throughout your body.

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Step into comfort with premium materials

Our materials and design reduces impact shock in the heel by 18% and lowers peak pressure on the foot by an average of 8%, helping you combat foot pain and aches all day long.

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All day support from our patented design

There is a reason people choose Protalus, and it's because you can't get the same experience anywhere else, in any other insole.

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We make a Patented Protalus insole for almost every type of shoe.