About Protalus

We make insoles for your body, not just your feet. Our patented technology maintains safe range of motion in the ankle joint complex, like gutter bumpers in a bowling alley. Our insoles can improve alignment of the lower kinetic chain by up to 65%. These results are statistically superior to all other insoles.





Values Of The Protalus Partnership Program for Chiropractors

Our insoles compliment your mission of serving your community, changing people's lives, being a catalyst for a bigger movement.

Values Of The Protalus Partnership Program for Chiropractors

We are the only insole in the industry with proven technology verified by third party evaluations to align the ankle into a more neutral position, 45%-65% more on average (Model T100 and M100, respectively).

Values Of The Protalus Partnership Program for Chiropractors

With more than 130 worldwide design and utility patents, we are the only company that will have this technology. Your partnership with us allows you access to this unique technology that cannot be replicated.

Values Of The Protalus Partnership Program for Chiropractors

By encouraging your community to try Protalus Insoles through your practice, you are providing your community with a complimentary tool in their pursuit of optimizing their quality of life while also capitalizing on a financially beneficial relationship.

The Protalus Product Line

As an over-the-counter insole, it is a top priority that we make our ordering process as non-invasive as possible in your practice. We believe your time should be spent with your patient, not on ordering our insoles. That is why we have designed the most efficient and seamless ordering process in the industry:

For Your Practice:

• No upfront cost
• No inventory needed
• No time spent fitting
• Easy customer support

For Your Patients:

• 20% discount when purchased at your practice
• 30 sec online questionnaire to recommend appropriate model
• 90 day satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked
• Free shipping & free returns

How It Works

Discount Flyer For Chiropractor Partners

1. Sign up

Chiropractor signs up for this program through the sign up link in the email. Protalus ships out samples of our product to wear and display in your practice. Protalus will also send a Point of Sale QR Code stand (example included in the email), along with a product info sheet for your patient to take home.

2. Set up

Chiropractor sets up QR Code stands in practice, preferably in a high traffic area like the lobby or front desk. This QR Code will be unique to your practice and will be the technology to track the sales generated by your practice.

3. Sales

Patients will receive a 20% discount by scanning the unique QR Code * in your practice. The QR Code will send them to the Protalus web page, where they will be asked a series of simple questions and recommended the appropriate model for their needs. Upon purchase, the Protalus Insole will be shipped directly to their house in 2-3 business days. To the left is a demo QR Code display, we encourage you to scan to experience the customer navigation yourself!
*QR code does not apply to subscription orders

4. Compensation

After one calendar year from the first purchase through the unique QR code, Protalus will mail you a check worth the value of the largest milestone reached.


Pairs of Insoles Sold














Referral Bonus:

For every chiropractor you refer, you will receive $250!


The referred chiropractor will need to make one sale through their QR code to qualify.

The chiropractor cannot have a previous account with Protalus.

The $250 compensation will be added to your sales compensation at the end of the year.


1. When does the compensation year begin?

The annual clock starts on the first purchase through your unique QR Code. This will ensure the shipping time of the QR Code stand and the time it takes to get set up in your practice does not factor into your annual clock.

2. How will my patients know which Protalus Insole model to choose?

Protalus Insoles has developed a “Find my perfect insole” generator, which will be their landing page once they scan their QR Code. This system will ask them a few questions about their ailments, daily tasks they will perform on their feet, what types of shoes they normally wear and recommend the appropriate model relative to their answers.

3. What if my patient doesn't find comfort in the Protalus insole or needs a different model?

Protalus Insoles has a 90 satisfaction guarantee or your money back, no questions asked. We also have over 117k five star reviews and an exceptional customer service team so we are confident that if your patient is not comfortable in the current insole they are in, our team will find the model to fit their needs, free of charge.

4. How much will I, the chiropractor, need to know about the product?

We encourage any affiliate to dive into the unique science of our product, but for the necessity of this program, a high level understanding of the content explained by Dr. Kirk in the email will be enough. Our Protalus website has a very detailed consumer experience that will guide and educate your patient on what to expect with the Protalus alignment technology and what insole model will be right for them.

5. Will returns affect my sales numbers in reaching my milestones?

No, any returns will not be subtracted from your annual sales count.

6. Are there any upfront costs for the chiropractor to join this program?

No! There are no upfront costs, no minimum order quantities and no inventory required. You simply set up the QR Code stand in your practice and encourage your community to try the product.

You may need to scroll the form to see the submit button.


If you have any questions about the program, please contact our Wholesale Director, Dan McKinney.

Portrait of Dan McKinney - Wholesale Director Protalus