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    "One day wearing them and all the pain went away!"

    "My husband has been having dreadful pain in his feet. Flat feet, diabetic, neuropathy, plantar fascia, gout - you name it. He works on his feet so the pain was becoming debilitating ... . I saw these advertised on Facebook, but purchased them through Amazon for the added protection. One day wearing them and all the pain went away! Just disappeared. I don't know if they will work for everyone, but it is an inexpensive place to start. We tried the podiatrist, custom orthotics, diabetic shoe route - nothing lasted."

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    Protalus ® Insoles


    Helped Over 1 million People


    Patented Breakthrough In Alignment Technology


    Effective For Over 97% Of People


    Shown To Decrease Foot, Knee, Hip, And Back Pain


    Industry-First, 90-Day Love Them Or Your Money Back Guarantee

    Protalus ® insoles have changed the lives of over 1 million people. They are a patented breakthrough in technology that works with the body to effectively address many types of foot pain including plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and neuromas. They have also been shown to alleviate shin pain, knee pain, hip pain, and back pain. They are effective for 97+ percent of people and are backed by an industry-first, 90-day Love Them Or Your Money Back guarantee.

    Find your perfect insole

    Select up to 3 shoe types from your closet, answer the preceding questions, and we will show you which Protalus ® insole will work best for each shoe!

    Over 1 million Happy Customers & Growing

    The best proof comes from people like you:


    Get back to doing what you love, in the comfort you desire.

    Our exclusive, patented TriPlanar technology is industry leading, providing a proven solution to foot, knee, hip, and back pain. Backed by our best-in-class guarantee and customer support, we make the decision simple.

    What makes Protalus ® insoles unlike any other pain relief solution you have tried?

    Protalus Insoles

    Experience the insole in 3d!

    See for yourself why Protalus ® insoles are far superior to any other shoe insert you have tried.

    Protalus Insoles

    Experience the insole in 3d!

    See for yourself why Protalus ® insoles are far superior to any other shoe insert you have tried.


    What makes Protalus ® insoles unlike any other pain relief solution you have tried?

    Our Patented + Clinically Tested Heel Cup Technology

    Provides optimal contoured cushioning with a design which allows the weight of your body to be redistributed, relieving the pressure and shock of each step.

    Beyond Arch Support

    Protalus is not just arch support. It realigns the ankle joint, placing your knees, hips and lower back in optimal position to perform their functions.

    Highest Quality Materials = Unsurpassed Comfort

    Our innovative combination of materials have revolutionized the way you will feel on your feet. Providing impact reduction, superior alignment, and moisture-wicking.

    Protalus Insoles

    Experience the insole in 3d!

    See for yourself why Protalus ® insoles are far superior to any other shoe insert you have tried.

    Feel the Difference. More Comfort. More Energy. More Life.

    Protalus Insoles

    Immediate Relief. Long-Term Benefits. Guaranteed.

    Our unique heel cup design realigns the entire body by starting at the source: the ankle and heel. By evenly re-distributing the impact of each step to work together with your body, rather than sending painful and damaging shockwaves up the kinetic chain thousands of times per day, we achieve industry leading results. Protalus ® insoles protect your health with a scientifically proven solution to whole body alignment.

    Protalus Insoles

    Our insole technology provides relief from:

    • Neuropathy

    • Plantar Fasciitis

    • Back Pain

    • Knee Pain

    • Flat Feet

    • Arthritis

    • Hip Pain

    • Heel Spurs

    • Diabetic Foot

    • Neuroma

    • High Arches

    • Blister

    • Shin Splints

    • Arch Pain

    • Ball of Foot Pain

    • Swelling

    • Bunion

    • Heel Pain

    • Callus

    • Tarsal Tunnel

    • Hammer Toes

    • Achy Feet

    Or your money back, guaranteed.

    Protalus Insoles

    We focus on the root cause. The only insole designed for the whole body, not just the foot.

    Most insoles are designed for foot comfort. Protalus ® insoles are unique in that they are more than a cushion.

    Thanks to our exclusive TriPlanar patented technology, our insoles are designed for full body health and alignment. By addressing the structural, root level causes of pain instead of just symptoms, we achieve proper body support and proven, lasting relief. Our industry leading foot comfort is just a bonus.

    It’s why there’s nothing like our insoles, and why so many happy customers keep choosing  Protalus ®.

    Try a pair and experience life-changing RESULTS

    Free Delivery. Free Return Shipping. No Restocking Fees. No Problem.

    Convenient, free shipping. We ship for free to your door anywhere within the United States no matter how many pairs of insoles you purchase. Over the first 90 days, put our insoles to the test. You can even trim them because we will refund your full order amount at any time within 90 days of your purchase no matter how much you have used them. No restocking fees, no fine print, we just want you to love the insoles you buy.

    90-Day Risk Free Guarantee

    Protalus ® insoles are designed for one thing: to help you get back to doing what you love. Because our insoles have a 97% success rate when used for 30 days or more, we offer an unconditional money back guarantee that even covers return shipping. The risk is 100% on us.

    Patented Technology, Recommended by Doctors

    Protalus ® insoles hold a number of exclusive patents and may only be purchased online. Validating our extensive in-house testing, results from Martyn R. Shorten, PhD. prove that Protalus insoles better align the ankle up to 31% more than other insoles. This massive improvement in ankle alignment is responsible for the compounding effect on the entire body’s kinetic chain and is part of what makes Protalus ® insoles so unique and beneficial.


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    Will Protalus ® Insoles work for ME?

    Protalus ® insoles work for about 97% of our over 1 million customers. It is because of this success that we are able to offer an unmatched 90-Day, no strings attached, love them or your money back guarantee.

    While each foot is unique, the body’s fundamental bone and joint structure is highly similar in the majority of people. Unlike other insoles that focus only on the foot, our patented TriPlanar technology is designed around this bone and joint structure to align the whole body from the ankle up. For many people this translates into major relief from foot, shin, knee, hip and back pain, while others report having a significant increase in energy and alertness. This feeling of being younger is due in part to the increased efficiency of the body operating in alignment.

    In combination with our industry leading, form-fitting cushioning materials, Protalus ® insoles replicate the benefits of both custom insoles and custom orthopedics at the lowest price possible so that all people can benefit from our technology.

    For the best experience in allowing Protalus ® to dramatically impact your daily life in the same way it has for thousands of others, we recommend the following three things:

    1. Test the insoles in different types of shoes until you find the one that feels the best.

    2. Follow the break in period and use them for at least 30 days to allow your body time to adjust.

    3. Most importantly, combine the insoles with the stretches in our User Guide.

    What is the Protalus ® 90-day Comfort Guarantee?

    Our #1 priority here at Protalus ® is your happiness. Which means we stand by our product 100%, no matter what, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Send you a brand new pair. Whatever it takes.

    As part of our commitment we offer a Risk Free 90 Day Money Back Guarantee on all products ordered through And we don’t stop there. We also offer free shipping, free returns, and free exchanges to all customers, regardless of insole condition. This is your 90 day trial. So go on, make yourself at home. Try them in different shoes, trim the toe area so they fit exactly the way you want. We stand by our commitment with free return shipping and zero restocking fees.

    If you have any questions at any time, just reach out to our Customer Happiness Team to talk to an actual, real person. Because we’re committed to you.

    Happiness. Guaranteed.

    What makes Protalus ® unique?

    We are the only insole on the market designed for whole body health and wellness. Our exclusive, patented, TriPlanar technology unlocks possibilities not found today even in custom orthopedic insoles. While most companies focus on symptoms only, using an artificial arch support, we address the root cause by changing the entire body’s alignment from the ankle up. Because our exclusive technology moves your body to its most efficient state, we can confidently say that our insoles will change your life.

    There is a reason we are the #1 insole company. So go on, step into something new.