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    Experience pain relIEf & increased comfort for your service boots

    Your total pain relief solution begins by improving body alignment from the ground up.

    police, SOLDIERS & firefighters with pain relief

    "I put them in my boots, and by the Saturday, I realized I was feeling no more pain!"

    Protalus, I bought these fighting severe plantar fasciitis for over 6 years. I had so much pain and being in the military did not agree with the injury. It was to the point it was causing severe back pain as well. So, after I made the purchase, your insoles showed up on a Wednesday, I put them in my boots, and by the Saturday...

    - David Troxell


    My insoles came in the mail yesterday. I put them in my shoes last night. OH THE DIFFERENCE THEY DO MAKE! A little of my history I am a 16 year law enforcement officer. I am currently assigned to our courthouse. My job utmost is to protect the judge. So I stand relatively close to the judge. Some people see these Judge shows on TV and it last for an hour and it's all over. For those who do not know it's at a minimum of eight hours day. ...

    - Charles Brewer

    "I bought 2 pairs and they are amazing."

    I bought 2 pairs and they are amazing. My right ankle had become so bad I had to wear an ankle brace to help relieve the pain. For two months I had been trying to get my VA doctor to refer my to a specialist and finally, when I could no longer walk I got a referral to Podiatry. The appointment was 3 months out and after another month I managed to get a local appointment using the Veterans Choice program. Meanwhile I saw this ad on Facebook...

    - Michael L. Mullenix

    "I've been wearing these in my military boots for 2 days and already feel a huge difference!"

    So far AMAZING! I've been having feet and back issues since 2006. Including back surgery! I've seen chiropractors and prosthetists and they never got it right! I've been wearing these in my military boots for 2 days and already feel a huge difference! I'm impressed dramatically!

    - Elaina Leonard

    "Any company that puts customers first deserves support, especially a domestically based company."

    I'm a 25 year law enforcement veteran and work 12 hour shifts. The Protalus have been a lifesaver for me. I was using other higher end orthotics for about ten dollars less, but the difference in quality and support (both physical and customer) is readily apparent in this companies model. They last...

    - Jeff Kaplan

    "Amazing product. Does what it claims."

    Amazing product. Does what it claims. Within 3 days I yanked the supports out of my other shoes so I could rotate these through every pair. My feet were "rolling" out, wearing the outside of every pair of shoes. In turn this pulled my knees out, followed by hips freezing, lower back pain, etc. I feel as good as I normally do after a chiro visit.

    - Stephen Kunich

    Misalignment can cause pain
    Protalus can help

    The way you carry yourself is a reflection of your comfort with certain body positions, and discomfort with others. It is a reflection of your attitude and state of mind. When your body hurts, your mind easily tempts the body to rest. But why rest when you stand to gain so much more? Proper alignment isn’t a supernatural ability of the body. It is the restoration of the unnatural back to the natural. Back to the way the body was designed to work. When you increase your biomechanical alignment, posture is improved and inflammation of the joints, muscles and ligaments are reduced.

    We’re not here to make the body superhuman. We’re here to optimize your body’s full potential. We're here to bring comfort back into your life.

    HOW OUR INSOLES HELP RELIEVE Pain caused by mis-alignment: WE TREAT THE CAUSE

    How is our insole different than others you’ve tried? We don’t just place an artificial arch support under your foot, as our competitors do. Our products are engineered biomechanically for proper body alignment – to control the rolling of the ankle. This creates a more neutral position which greatly reduces pain and fatigue.

    Will Protalus Insoles Help With My Pain?

    • Foot:
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Flat feet
    • Heel spurs
    • neuroma
    • High arches
    • Tired, achy feet
    • Arch pain
    • Ball of foot pain
    • Blister
    • Bunion
    • Callus
    • Heel pain
    • Tarsal Tunnel
    • Over Pronation
    • Over Supination
    • Hammer toes
    • Achilles Tendon
    • Metatarsal relief
    • Lower Body:
    • Arthritis
    • Lower back pain
    • Runner’s Knee
    • Shin splints/ shin pain
    • Knee pain
    • Calf tightness
    • Hip pain
    Will Not Treat / Limited Relief
    • Limited Relief:
    • Fused ankle
    • Large difference in leg lengths
    • Foot:
    • Athletes foot
    • Foot odor and perspiration
    • Ingrown toe nail
    • Warts
    • Other Conditions:
    • Athlete’s foot
    • Rough, dry skin
    • Spinal Stenosis
    • Double amputee

    M 100

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    √ Full size / maximum alignment
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