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    What Causes Knee Pain?

    Knee pain is caused by misalignment and/or overuse of the muscles, ligaments and joints. Overuse of your knee joints leads to wearing down of the cartilage. This can cause painful rubbing and friction. Pain from arthritis can also limit the mobility of your knees.


    Symptoms Of Knee Pain:

    With a misalignment, pain can be felt on the inside or outside of the knee joint. Pain can travel up to your hips or down through your calves, tightening your muscles and limiting flexibility. Pain that is felt on the outside of your knee can be the result of a strained iliotibial (IT) band, a tendon with thick connective tissue that stretches from the knee up to the hip.


    How the mis-alignment of your foot can cause Knee Pain

    When your feet are misaligned, an unnatural pressure is placed on your knee joints. Muscles are forced to over compensate in irregular areas to support each step you take. This results in tightness and achiness. Misalignment can lead to injury of the muscles and ligaments surrounding your knees.


    The Solution: Patented Alignment technology by Protalus

    Protalus insoles are unlike anything else on the market. It’s not about placing an artificial arch under the foot like many of our competitors. We aim to correct your ankle alignment by controlling the rotation. Many customers that stand on their feet for 12+ hours a day have reported little to no pain after switching to Protalus insoles.

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