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    knee pain

    Knee Pain Relief

    Are you experiencing weakness or instability in your knee? Perhaps you have swelling, stiffness, or are even experiencing a popping or crunching noise with movement. If you are experiencing this pain, it could be a result of an injury, arthritis, or mechanical problem.

    Your knee is part of your kinetic chain. The pain you are feeling could be related to your hips or feet. When you walk, your foot, ankle, knee, and hip are all connected to the movement. If your foot or ankle are rolling in or out, each step is putting more pressure on your knee and other joints. This altered state of alignment is adding stress to your knee, and therefore could be the culprit of your knee pain.


    Knee Pain Success Stories

    Real Protalus customers who used to suffer from Knee Pain

    Real Protalus customers who used to suffer from Knee Pain

    knee pain

    Why do your knees hurt so much?

    Chronic knee pain is usually caused by a combination of misalignment and overuse of the soft tissue in surrounding areas. The knee joint has the highest prevalence of osteoarthritis of any joint in the lower body, and unsurprisingly so. During activities such as climbing stairs, your knee is required to transfer forces of up to 5 times your own body weight.

    knee pain

    What is the result of misalignment on your knees?

    Misalignment of the lower body can stem from both the hips and the feet, making the knees particularly vulnerable to the consequences of poor posture. When out of proper position, areas of the knee which aren’t designed to bear weight are forced to do just that, and joint health suffers. If left to progress unchecked, misalignment can even accelerate the degeneration of cartilage, your body’s built-in shock absorbers.

    knee pain and the talus bone

    How can knee pain be eliminated?

    Knee pain is best combated by a temporary reduction in activity and improved alignment of the lower body. Controlling the rotational forces that occur during movements such as walking or running are critical to your success. This can be accomplished with strength training and stretching, but also by changing your footwear. Protalus insoles guide the ankle joint through healthy ranges of motion while avoiding excessive pronation, a precursor to rotation of the lower leg.

    Most people think that by adding more cushion under their feet, they will feel relief from knee pain... however it takes more than a pillow to help the pain and suffering caused by this condition.

    Protalus Insoles

    There is an effective way to address your knee pain: Protalus Insoles

    Our patented technology utilizes Contour, Cushion, and Control to focus on the cause of back pain rather than the symptoms, creating the Protalus Comfort System. Protalus has been designed to help your body maintain a neutral ankle joint position while still allowing full ranges of healthy movement. Proper joint alignment improves movement efficiency, reduces fatigue, and prevents injury and knee pain, so you can get back to doing what you love.


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    Tips For Combatting Knee Pain

    • Rest

    The first step in recovery is reducing the activity that makes the issue worse.

    • Ice

    Icing the area can help reduce swelling and inflammation, expediting the healing process.

    • Physical Therapy

    Muscle strengthening, gait assessments, and other therapeutic interventions can be invaluable for helping pain associated with movement.

    • Use Protalus Insoles In Your Shoes