Woman running
Woman running

Wellness Through Alignment

Protalus ® insoles reduce misalignment at the ankle relieving stress on the joints of the lower body

Animation showing ankle alignment being corrected

Why is alignment important?

When your body is aligned, the majority of your weight is supported by the skeleton. This state of alignment reduces the demands on your muscles and other soft tissues, allowing you to be on your feet longer and with increased comfort.

Illustration of pain in the body

How does misalignment occur?

Misalignment most commonly occurs when the muscles that support healthy posture become fatigued or overstretched, causing a loss of adequate tension to the skeletal system. To combat fatigue, the body makes small adjustments to posture resulting in a shift of tension to other soft tissues. While this change in posture provides short term relief for fatigued muscles, overcompensation can cause tissue damage in the long run.

A solution to misalignment

What makes the Protalus ® solution unlike anything else out there?

Signature Protalus ® footbed reduces pressure on the ball of the foot


Patented heel cup combats fatigue by reducing misalignment at the ankle

Are You Ready To Experience The Protalus Difference In Your Life?

Protalus insoles move with you, not against you, allowing a more stable, confident, and comfortable step.

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